Inventory RFID Reader

Inventory Management Software: Multiple Problems, One Solution

RFID Fixed Readers for inventory management are stationary devices strategically placed at different locations within your organization to track and monitor inventory items equipped with RFID tags. These readers use RFID technology to capture data from the tags, providing real-time visibility into inventory movement, location, and other relevant information

Real-time Inventory Monitoring

Complete Information

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into the movement and location of inventory items throughout your organization

Easy Checkin-check-out

Automated Data Capture

Automatically capture inventory data using RFID technology, reducing manual effort, and improving data accuracy

Accurate Asset Tracking reports

Streamlined Inventory Control

Enhance inventory control by accurately tracking item movements, enabling efficient stock management & replenishment

Real-time tracking and monitoring of inventory items

RFID Fixed Readers provide real-time tracking and monitoring of inventory items within your organization. With immediate visibility, you can track the movement and location of items as they pass by or come within range of RFID Fixed Readers. Easily identify and track individual items equipped with RFID tags. Monitor the movement of inventory within specific areas or zones through location tracking enabled by RFID Fixed Readers. Stay informed with alerts and notifications when items enter or leave designated areas. Enhance inventory control and efficiency with RFID Fixed Readers for seamless tracking and monitoring

Asset Movement History
Real-Time Visibility
Asset Theft Prevention
Item Identification
Eliminate Ghost assets
Location Tracking
Increased Asset Life
Alerts & Notifications

Automate data capture and enhance inventory control

RFID Fixed Readers streamline data capture and elevate inventory control. By leveraging RFID technology, they automate the capture of inventory data, including item details and location. This eliminates manual data entry errors, ensuring data accuracy. With comprehensive visibility into inventory movement and location, businesses can efficiently manage stock and facilitate timely replenishment. Real-time inventory data captured by RFID Fixed Readers enables inventory optimization, reducing stockouts and minimizing excess inventory. Enhance inventory control and achieve operational efficiency with RFID Fixed Readers

Upload Multiple assets

Automatically capture inventory data, including item details and location, through RFID technology

Get Alert & Reminders

Improve data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry errors and relying on automated RFID data capture

Add new assets

Gain comprehensive visibility into inventory movement and location, facilitating efficient stock management and replenishment

RFID Fixed Reader FAQs

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If there is an existing sticker tag on the inventory, do we need to sticker tag it again?
When we transfer any inventory from one location to another does the latitude longitude information get changed automatically?
It is possible to put Depreciation and other details at Block level and not Inventory Level?
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Can we customize the sticker or not?
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