Efficient Inventory Management Anytime, Anywhere!

Infizo Stock's mobile application empowers you to seamlessly oversee your inventory at your convenience. This innovative app enhances your productivity, allowing you to prioritize and manage work efficiently. With the added advantage of smartphone cameras, you can effortlessly scan barcode tags or other labels for quick and accurate inventory control.

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Infizo Stock's Mobile App: Simple & Powerful

Use Mobile Camera for Scanning Tags

Use Mobile Camera for Scanning Inventory Tags

Effortlessly scan inventory tags using your mobile camera, providing a quick and convenient way to manage your inventory items.

Work in Offline Mode

Add, Move and Draw

Our inventory management system simplifies adding new inventory items, moving existing items, and drawing items from stock for sales or internal use

Check Ticket Status from Mobile

Work in Offline

Stay productive even without an internet connection. Access all inventory related information in offline mode, with automatic data synchronization upon reconnection

Increase Productivity with Smartphone Utilization

Add or update assets, tickets, and activities on the go

Add or update Inventory and activities on the go!

Capture images, videos, or files

Capture images, videos, or files related to Inventory during transfers

Create a ticket from your mobile

Check Stock Points ensuring accurate stock visibility and efficient stock management from your mobile while inspecting Inventory.

Access all Inventory information, including movement, stock points, minimum stock level etc. directly from your mobile device.