What Are the Essential Tools of an Inventory Management System?

Inventory Management Tools

Inventory management systems are essential for businesses, especially for those organizations that heavily rely on inventory. An inventory management system helps in avoiding inventory issues by providing accurate information and allowing us to keep track of inventory efficiently. But an inventory management system needs several tools to increase its efficiency further! We will discuss these inventory management system tools below. But first, let us understand what an inventory management system is.

What Is an Inventory Management System?

Inventory management systems assist organizations by providing accurate locations and eliminating manual processes. Inventory management helps in managing the supply chain by keeping track of inventory and stock.

The inventory management system keeps track of stock, and whenever stock levels fall below the defined level, the system alerts the responsible person, and the stock refilling process begins.

An automated inventory management system avoids several types of inventory management issues, such as overstocking and out-of-stock issues.

Inventory management is conducted so that you have the right amount of inventory in the right place in the right quantity. The purpose of inventory management is to avoid overselling or any type of issue so that the bottom line is not impacted at all.

According to Global Market Insights, "The Inventory Management Software Market size crossed USD 3 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 5% from 2020 to 2026."

What Are the Tools That Are Helpful to the Inventory Management System?

Below we have mentioned inventory management system tools that are helpful:

Inventory Management Tools That Are Helpful in Business

1. Inventory Tracking Techniques

Inventory tracking technologies such as Barcode, QR Code (Quick Response Code), RFID (Radio-frequency identification), and NFC (Near Field Communication) are helpful in providing the accurate location of inventory.

When you know the exact location of inventory, you can easily avoid theft and misplacement. In huge warehouses, where lots of inventories are kept, when you look for a specific inventory, then you can find it easily with this software.

When you have this software, you can know the exact number available of inventory within the software. The inventory tracking technique automates the process, decreases human error, and improves accuracy as well.

Infizo Stock Integration: Utilizing RFID technology, Infizo Stock ensures accurate inventory tracking and location identification, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

2. Inventory Audit

An audit is an important aspect for organizations. You can get the actual number of inventories available and their quality as well. The audit process helps in the physical verification process.

Sometimes numbers are different in software than in actual. Audit lets you know the exact number of inventories that you have in hand with availability.

Infizo Stock Integration: Conduct automated stock audits and verification processes within Infizo Stock, ensuring accurate inventory counts and efficient auditing.

3. Inventory Cycle Count

Cycle counting replaces the unwieldy and mistake-prone occasional (typically yearly) actual stock count with a regular program of counting selected items so more significant items are counted more often than less significant ones.

The magic of cycle counting is that it provides a structure for identifying and eliminating the source of errors to improve accuracy economically.

Infizo Stock Integration: Implement cycle counting strategies seamlessly within Infizo Stock to enhance accuracy and optimize inventory management processes.

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4. ABC Analysis

The ABC Analysis tool is helpful in prioritizing inventory. You can categorize inventory as per class A, class B, class C. In category A, you can keep items that are very important and costly as well.

In Class B, you can keep inventory that is more in numbers and less expensive but less critical than category A. And in class C, you can keep items that are less expensive and non-critical for organizations.

This categorization is done to set the priority of inventory.

This analysis is also known as the Pareto Rule. According to which, the top 20 percent represent 80 percent of the value. Some people also refer to it as the 80/20 rule.

Infizo Stock Integration: Employ ABC analysis techniques within Infizo Stock to prioritize inventory items effectively and optimize inventory management strategies.

What Are the Benefits of Efficient Inventory Management?

The benefits of inventory management are discussed below:

1. Better Analytics & Trends

This software provides analytics that is helpful in avoiding unnecessary overspending and out-of-stock issues as well. Furthermore, with this software, you can track trends that will give you an extra edge in business.

Infizo Stock Integration: Generate comprehensive reports and analyze inventory data within Infizo Stock to gain insights into inventory performance and make informed decisions, optimizing inventory management strategies.

2. Improved Productivity

Productivity increases when employees do not have to waste their time just looking for specific inventory. Productivity increases when your data is error-free and accurate. When manual work is automated, then productivity increases.

Infizo Stock Integration: Simplify inventory management processes and enhance productivity with Infizo Stock's user-friendly interface and automated features.

3. Accurate Records

Wrong inventory data can lead to a penalty during an

audit, and a decision based on wrong information would be wrong. But when you have this software, accuracy is ensured.

Infizo Stock Integration: Ensure accurate inventory records and data integrity with Infizo Stock's automated inventory management system, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

4. Better Decision Making

With accurate data and analytics, your business decision improves because now you do not make a decision based on assumptions.

Infizo Stock Integration: Make informed decisions based on accurate inventory data and analytics provided by Infizo Stock, optimizing inventory management strategies and enhancing business performance.

This software provides you with a complete picture of where you have more or less inventory so that you can move or draw inventory from one location to another.


For effective inventory management, you not only need an inventory management system, but you will also need inventory management tools. These tools are helpful in optimizing the efficiency of inventory management.

Inventory management tools can be integrated with this software to achieve maximum profit. These tools play an important role in providing visibility, control over inventory, and they can also assist in inventory operations.

Managers know how difficult it is to manage inventory; you need proper records and everything in order that is why investing in inventory management software is essential along with inventory management tools.

For a growing business, it is one of the important software that your organization must have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the methods of inventory management?

Various methods of inventory management include:

A. Just in time (JIT) method

B. Batch tracking method

C. ABC Analysis method

D. Dropshipping method

E. Minimum order quantity method

F. Economic order methods

For which type of industries is inventory management software important?

Manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare industries are a few of the industries for which this software is very important. Other than this, all organizations which are inventory intensive can benefit from this software too.

Which is the most essential inventory management system tool in the above-mentioned tools?

The most important is inventory tracking techniques tags as they provide the exact location and, with real-time information, you can get data that is helpful in making crucial business decisions. They also help in improving accuracy and increasing the efficiency of inventory.

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