What Are the Functions of Inventory Management Software?

Functions of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software is essential for ensuring your business has enough products to meet customer demand. Inventory Management Software is a critical component for the strategic management of any organization.

Inventories are the goods stored within a company's premises. These goods are materials used in the company for production purposes or to meet customer demand.

The goods include raw materials, materials in the production process, and finished products. These items are considered a company's assets and represent an important aspect of its value.

What supplies and in what quantities does a company have at a given point in time?

The workflow of the company determines the number of suppliers it has. The number of supplies will differ for different businesses.

For a reseller, the demand for supply depends on market options. Whereas for a manufacturing company, the number of components counts under the final product; therefore, the final product must be in stock, and the quantity is directly proportional to the final product manufacturing plan.

Based on the production of the final product, the manufacturing company marks its needs for supply, and accordingly, the quantity is determined by the amount needed for the production of the final product.

The best practice for any organization is to order what is needed at that time. To accomplish the target, you must know the number of items to fulfill your current inventory and their quantity level.

The stock represents a significant and potential amount of investment which needs to be carefully controlled.

Assume you have overstock; in this condition, you will spend money on its storage. Or, if you have an understock, in this condition, you will stop production until the necessary material is purchased, leading to a waste of work and time.

To reduce these issues, you need a dependable system that will work on your behalf to reduce costs and maintain stock at an optimum level, and inform how much stock you need to order.

10 Functions of Inventory Management Software:

Making your inventory right can affect your business and assist you in keeping your costs under control by controlling and managing your supply chain seamlessly.

An Inventory Management Software is a computer-based solution that provides your organization with a comprehensive solution for inventory management needs.

The inventory management system assists you in keeping track of orders, inventory levels, sales, and deliveries, making your inventory management more streamlined.

Following are the 10 functions of Inventory Management Software:

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Inventory management software enables us to increase productivity and efficiency by automating daily manual tasks. This assists you in maximizing the growth of your business.

The software saves countless hours and gives the opportunity to print shipping labels, process and dispatch orders, manage stock, create, and update the listing on the system.

Avoid Stock-outs and Over-stock

When it comes to maintaining the balance sheet of inventories and its management, it is a difficult and challenging task to handle. A case of less stock leads to stock-outs, which not only disrupt customer relations but cause possible losses, whereas, in the case of over-stock, its storage creates a problem.

With inventory management software installed, you can set a limit for re-ordering so that stock, when it drops, gets automatically re-ordered.

Quality Management:

The software has the ability to identify and track issues that can cause delayed shipments or broken packages. Through the already fed data, it provides guidance for quality management.

Easy Inventory Management:

The software makes the process of inventory management a lot easier, which saves money and time. It assists in automating business processes and guides making smarter decisions.

Improved Profitability:

The software helps to reach the maximum amount for business investment. It uses marketing and production to increase profits. With the software's ability to automatically operate the business in terms of inventory management, the possibility of fulfilling tasks efficiently and accurately increases.

It can be in any terms from managing stocks to updating lists on all channels. Then processing orders will turn to reduce expenses and maximize profitability.

Planned Management:

You can identify the possibilities of opening multiple stock warehouses located near the customers' location. This will increase efficiency and improve service levels.

Balanced Supply and Demand:

When it comes to delivery, time is the focal point. Delivery should be given at the exact time, also with the least pay amount and excess of features.

Inventory Reports:

The software is meant to generate automated reports. You can get any report such as a low stock report, inventory validation report, inventory forecast report.

Inventory Tracking:

Inventory tracking is the most beneficial function and feature of inventory management software. The software keeps track of unlimited serial numbers from when the inventory is received until the time it is issued.

All-in-one Solution:

The inventory management software is an all-rounder when it comes to providing services. It offers work order management, listing management, shipping management, and assists in its streamlined working.

Importance of Inventory Management Software

Inventory problems can cause business losses and failure. Whenever a company runs out of stock inventory, the state does not fall well for the company.

Accurate stock management will help your company to fulfill orders on time and efficiently. Without proper management and tracking of available goods, it will be difficult to know what you need, when you need it, and in what quantity.

With good inventory management software, you can keep a track record of all your assets in detail. You can gather all kinds of information and capabilities in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding all the needs of your company.


A good inventory management software should elaborate on the state of supply and demand, the movement of inventory, and delivery times. Inventory tracking software is meant to ensure customer satisfaction with minimal costs.

Easy reporting and analytical views are essential for inventory management software, giving you a fulfilled list of all the inventories that need to be ordered so you can maintain your stock levels.

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