Features, Benefits & Impacts of Utility Management on a Business

As we all know sustainability has turned into a significant issue, the values acquired from productive utility utilization should not be miscalculated or underestimated.

Because of the way the utilities are managed, there is a huge scope of improvement for office buildings & multi-residential buildings by reducing waste and inefficiency in order to save money and other sources.

What is Utility Management?

What is Utility Management

Utility management lets you know how much consumption your machine has done. For example, how much water you have consumed, how much electricity you have used.

Similarly, the Utility management system gathers detailed utilization data for selected utilities serving your office. Many organizations also use the Utility Management System to sub-meter. Also, important hotel loads such as chillers, laundry, or restaurants.

A multi storey building, it can be used for producing bills on a monthly basis for each floor for utilities such as electric, LPG, water, etc.

What is Utility Management Software?  

Utility management software assists companies in managing, monitoring, analyzing, and creates a report on consumption. It is also helpful in creating utility bills of yearly, monthly, or day-basis and calculating & allocating costs internally.  

The biggest benefits of the utility tracking and management software are that you can set alerts and warnings for consumption. So, when consumption is overdone you will receive an alert & notification.

How utility management can help in an organization?

In many ways! It can help you manage company utilities and improve overall infrastructure operations with proper utility management.

The support team can design and create a system that is specifically designed according to your business needs and building office requirements, plus systems are scalable, flexible and adaptable to allow any future changes such as system update.

Some of the systemic operations that are done with utility monitoring & management include:

  • HVAC system
  • Electrical operations
  • Tenant override
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Chiller plant
  • ID and card management systems
  • Security and alarm systems

Why is sub-metering important?  

If you want to enhance your utilization or consumption tracking procedure. We can assist you with how equipment inside your office & building works. Sub-metering enables you to monitor where energy is being devoured inside your business from machines, lighting, and cooling. Different metering solutions are there for your business assistance.

What are the benefits of Utility Management?  

According to India education diary, every Indian had wasted 45 litres of water every day in 2018. Similarly, a great deal can be said about how we as people, communities, and organizations use energy, water, electricity, etc.

At the end of the day, we can all be very wasteful, regardless of whether it's by neglecting to switch off a light, leaving the personal system on standby, or just generally forgetting to switch off plugs of motor, resulting in wasting both electricity and water.

Among the various benefits, the first benefit of utility management is that you would be able to avoid wastage of energy. When you track your business energy utilization, you can identify  “what you are not using or how to improve in your property and what are other alternatives options”.

With the correct information, you can make more effective decisions on the best way to minimize the expenses of energy in your business - monetary or something else.

Another benefit is that you save money! Obviously! An essential reason to track & monitor business energy utilization is that you can reduce your monthly bills, in other words, you can save a lot of money!  

The less energy that your business utilizes, the more you save, it's that simple. Recognize where you're overspending and rectify it and exchange up to make savings over your whole business.  

What are the features of Utility Management Software?  

Through the utility asset management Module, the user can manage the consumption of its facilities and services. The main features are:  

  • Different types of meters for different consumption.  
  • Recording of electricity, gas, water meters, or any custom meters.  
  • Add single or multiple meters for assets or locations.  
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly schedules to record meter readings for assets or sites.  
  • Specify recording times and when the users should receive alerts to input the meter readings.  
  • Configure meters according to ascending or descending readings.  
  • Alerts and warnings to the stakeholders when the consumption crosses a threshold and receives notifications for the same.  


No doubt that Utility management software is required in each and every office and building.  There are multiple reasons behind it such as it not only helpful in saving money but also plays an important part in saving utility for electricity, water, and so on.  

Moreover, investing in efficient utility utilization is an excellent way to accomplish environmental acts and social duty. An external asset audit can classify excessive waste and inefficiencies. Tracking this introduces a huge opportunity to improve.

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