Infizo Usage: Transforming Utility Management

Use Mobile Camera for Scanning Tags

Effortless Resource Tracking Mobile Integration

Seamlessly manage utility resources using your mobile device. Effortlessly track and oversee utility-related tasks for a quick and convenient resolution.

Work in Offline Mode

Streamlined Resource Monitoring Comprehensive Dashboard

Obtain a rapid overview of resource statuses through a comprehensive dashboard. Displaying all active, allocated, pending, and completed tasks for efficient utility task and issue tracking.

Check Ticket Status from Mobile

Enhanced Productivity, Anywhere Offline Mode Functionality

Stay productive even without an internet connection. Access all utility-related information offline, with automatic data synchronization upon reconnection.

Resource Tracking and Mobile Application Boost Efficiency

Seamlessly manage your utility operations and streamline processes with the Infizo Usage mobile app. Monitor resource usage, alert technicians instantly, and track consumption – all through your mobile device.

Scan Multiple Assets at Once
Scan Multiple Resources at Once
Use Camera for Scanning Labels
Utilize Camera for Scanning Labels
Perform Audit Via Smartphone
Conduct Audits Via Smartphone
Reminder for Mobile Notifications
Receive Reminder Notifications

Access all essential utility information and increase productivity

Increase Productivity with Smartphone Utilization Access all essential utility information, including pending activities, tasks, and audits, directly from your mobile device.

Add or update assets, tickets, and activities on the go

Add or Update Resources, Tasks, and Activities on the Go:
Enhance flexibility by seamlessly adding or updating utility resources, tasks, and activities, ensuring real-time data accuracy.

Capture images, videos, or files

Capture Images, Videos, or Files During Transfers:
Utilize your mobile device to capture visual data related to utility resources during transfers, facilitating comprehensive documentation.

Create a ticket from your mobile

Create a Task from Your Mobile While Inspecting Resources: Streamline your workflow by generating tasks directly from your mobile device while inspecting utility resources, ensuring efficient issue resolution.