Streamlined Procurement Management On-the-Go!

Infizo Procure's mobile application revolutionizes your procurement processes, enabling you to manage vendor relationships, purchase orders, and overall procurement strategy from anywhere, at any time. This cutting-edge app boosts your efficiency, streamlining the way you handle sourcing and purchasing tasks. With features such as real-time order tracking and vendor management tools, you can ensure timely and cost-effective procurement operations.

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Infizo Procure's Mobile App: Efficient & User-Friendly

Use Mobile Camera for Scanning Tags

Utilize Mobile Camera for Scanning Vendor and Order Tags

Effortlessly scan vendor and purchase order tags using your mobile camera, providing a swift and convenient way to manage your procurement data.

Work in Offline Mode

Manage Orders, Vendors & Contracts

Our procurement management system simplifies managing purchase orders, vendor relationships, and contract details, ensuring streamlined operations and better compliance.

Check Ticket Status from Mobile

Work in Offline Mode

Stay productive even without an internet connection. Access all procurement details and related information in offline mode, with automatic data synchronization once you reconnect.

Procurement Optimization and Efficiency Enhancement via Mobile Application

Efficiency Boost: Enhance procurement management with the capability to create purchase orders, send instant notifications to suppliers, and manage delivery schedules via the mobile app. Users can also track spending and order statuses in real-time.

Scan Multiple Assets at Once
Create Purchase Orders Quickly
Use Camera for Scanning Labels
Scan Vendor Information
Perform Audit Via Smartphone
Conduct Procurement Audits
Reminder for Mobile Notifications
Receive Order Notifications

Boost Efficiency with Smartphone Utilization

Access all vendor and order information, including purchase orders, delivery statuses, and vendor performance metrics directly from your mobile device.

Add or update assets, tickets, and activities on the go

Place or Adjust Orders on the Fly

Capture images, videos, or files

Capture Images, Videos, or Files During Inspections

Create a ticket from your mobile

Verify Delivery Points for Accurate Order Visibility and Efficient Procurement Management from Your Mobile While Reviewing Deliveries