Reducing Breakdowns with Effective Preventive Maintenance

Reducing Breakdowns with Effective Preventive Maintenance

Have you ever faced a situation in which you had to purchase new tools and equipment without planning because they were urgently needed? This kind of problem is not uncommon. Nobody knows when a machine that was running smoothly and in good condition will suddenly stop functioning. We cannot predict what will happen in the future. This uncertainty can create a hindrance to the smooth flow of business.

However, you can prevent this incident from occurring if you conduct regular preventive maintenance on the equipment. “Preventive” refers to precautionary measures taken to avoid impending danger.

Machines and tools in the industry are like the functioning organs of the human body. For example, when you feel slightly unwell, you would consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will prescribe some medicines to avoid future problems & sickness. In this way, taking medicines in time as a preventive measure can extend your life.

How Preventive Maintenance of Equipment Helps Your Company

“Preventive maintenance” of equipment involves inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and replacing old components in the equipment with new ones. For instance, a power generator used at your factory has small components that enable the whole machine to function. Some of the important components of a generator include an alternator, battery charger, control panel, cooling fan or exhaust system, fuel system, lubrication system, main engine, and voltage regulator.

Every day, at the start or end of the shift, the power operator needs to open the parts of the generator to check the components. This step is taken to identify deteriorated components before it is too late. Suppose the cooling system breaks down and it is unknowingly still running inside the engine body, it may create combustion inside the generator. This could lead to an explosion and a series of adversities in the factory.

Effective preventive maintenance not only saves you from sudden asset failure but also enhances asset life. When asset life increases, it works for more hours, and as a result, the return on investment increases as well. Preventive maintenance allows you to schedule maintenance whenever an issue arises. This decreases the chances of asset failure, and over time, you will notice that the maintenance team will be working on enhancing performance rather than just repairing.

How Effectively Preventive Maintenance Helps in Saving Money

Regular checks of components will maintain the sustainability and longevity of the equipment's life. Whenever a faulty component is found inside the large power generator, it needs to be replaced instantly. Acquiring a few components for the engine won't cost much for the company. This will also save a significant amount of money and leverage the unnecessary purchase of a new generator.

Effective preventive maintenance enables you to schedule maintenance before asset failure occurs. To deliver effective preventive maintenance, you need to ensure that you have spare inventory in stock so that whenever the rusty parts are removed, new parts are installed. If you do not have inventory in stock, then you will have to perform maintenance again, and this type of work decreases productivity.

Need for Preventive Maintenance to Reduce Breakdown

There are times when you have to go through unplanned maintenance. Such kinds of circumstances occur when the disintegrated components don't receive regular check-ups.

If you are planning for a long drive in your car, you need to fill the fuel tank before you start your journey. You must also recheck all the parts to ensure that they won't fail in the middle of the highway.

How Maintenance Management Software Can Help Your Business

There are means of maintenance management that can assist a company in preventing failure before the situation worsens. This will help you establish a maintenance curriculum. A software tool designed to track your assets can monitor your company's performance.

B2B platform Infizo Desk is one of the best solution providers for effective preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance software will help you track and manage your inventories by coding your assets. It has unparalleled integration features like asset monitoring, categorizing, scheduling, and notifications. It saves your business from damages and losses of assets.

Infizo Desk offers you a simple way of tracking your maintenance strategies and helps you regulate to bring a cost-effective way to maintain your assets. Whenever you foresee a problem, do not forget to contact Infizo Desk.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Effective preventive maintenance in time will require little energy in checking your equipment, but the consequences will be long-term. Taking precautionary steps is not rocket science.

It is a simple method of examining the operations of your equipment. In other words, it is a process of lubricating your assets with good care. So do not let the things you care about slip through your fingers. Always track them and stay in touch to maintain their services. Remember the saying, a stitch in time saves nine. If you sort out a problem at the earliest, it may save unnecessary extra labor.

For effective maintenance, you must utilize a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) that specializes in preventive maintenance.

Apart from this, you will get a maintenance history that will be helpful in making crucial business decisions. Moreover, it will automate the maintenance process as the system will alert you in advance.

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