How Asset Infinity's IT Helpdesk Software Can Help Your Company?

How Asset Infinity's IT Helpdesk Software Can Help Your Company?

Gone are the days when errors and mistakes were ignored by customers. Nowadays competition is hard, one small mistake and you can lose your client.

That is why you must provide your customers with the best service and maintain a good relationship with your clients.

That is why you must reach out to your customers and ask if they need any type of assistance or having some issues in understanding software. But manually handling emails will be a hectic and complicated task and this is where helpdesk software can be used.

Through IT Helpdesk Software, you will find a single platform to handle mails, customer support, etc.

What is IT Helpdesk Software?

IT Helpdesk Software or any helpdesk software helps the customer by resolving issues. It is a point of contact where support is provided to the organization employee itself or customer.

This software helps in resolving the problems of an individual as quickly as possible. IT Helpdesk Software automates the process and complaint resolution is given.

IT Helpdesk Software is known by many other names such as ticket management system, complaint tracking, and management system, incident management system, and so on.

Helpdesk Software is important for business. As it can help make customer service more organized, efficient & better.

According to Transparency Market Research,  “The market for helpdesk solutions is anticipated to reach USD 11 billion by 2023. The market for helpdesk solutions is segmented into software, end-users, and organization type.”

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What Are the Key Benefits of It Helpdesk Software?

Key benefits of IT Helpdesk Software are discussed below:

1. Faster Resolution

When a customer generates a query or complaint, the IT Helpdesk Software automatically assigns the ticket to the technician or support agent.

After that, the agent acknowledges and starts working on the query. However, some details are seen before work starts on a ticket such as priority of the ticket, product details, that help the agent in grasping the situation, and actions are taken accordingly.

2. No Tickets Are Left Unresolved

When you are a big organization then tickets come in abundance. Technicians are so busy some tickets are left in the bucket. This software alerts the team about the left ticket.

Similarly, if the ticket is open and no actions are taken in the ticket then also it notifies the responsible technician & manager about the same.

3. Centralized Information

More than one agent working on a single ticket unknowingly! This was one of the common issues when agents were working manually.

When there is a centralized system agent avoids working on a single ticket with this system in place.

As this system centralized one can see which agent is working on which ticket. It also allows the manager to look at which agent is working on which ticket if any agent is free then the manager can assign a ticket specifically to an agent.

4. Enhanced Technician Productivity

Technician plays a crucial role in maintaining a good relationship with the customer that is why they should have complete knowledge and solution to the problem. It means they should deliver solutions so that problem of the customer is completely resolved.

When the customer does not understand the solution then he gets angry therefore the agent mustn't forget a single point to inform. The IT Helpdesk Software has resources such as important blogs, articles, knowledge base that help agents by providing accurate resolution.

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What Are the Features You Should Be Looking for in an Effective It Helpdesk Software?

Below we have mentioned features you should be looking for in an effective IT helpdesk software:

IT helpdesk software Features

1. Customer Experience

A great customer experience is a very important feature of effective IT Helpdesk Software. Several organizations have a lengthy procedure for raising tickets that can be frustrating for customers.

The process should be simple easy & quick so that needful can be done at the earliest. Furthermore, the interface should be simple as well so that customers do not have any bad experience in raising a ticket or some other issues.

2. Alert & Notification

Whenever a new ticket is raised by a customer or any helpdesk user simultaneously alert is sent to the ticket managing team. This alert is sent via mobile SMS, mobile notification, email, etc.

As soon as the manager sees the ticket, he assigns the ticket to the IT support member who is free or has less work. It helps in resolving issues quickly. Alert feature also works in case of the ticket is assigned but no actions are taken.

3. Ticket Tracking

The customer must know what is going on with the raised ticket. It is also important from the agent's end that how many tickets are closed, open, or pending (depending on external reason) status.

Furthermore, the software shall provide an update of the ticket such as if asset breakdown occurred then how it was & how it is now. For this purpose, videos, images, and files can be shared.

4. SLA Status

SLA (System-level agreement) is important in organizations in terms of complaint management. The first run through a representative glance at a ticket, they endeavor to measure its earnestness and focus on among different tickets.

With direct assistance work area SLA data directly in the tagging framework, it's simpler to focus on tickets and keep away from SLA infringement.

5. Reports & Statistics

IT technical support team including managers should be able to see their metrics to boost performance. Furthermore, data is helpful in the calculating team's average time or more time to resolve issues.

Reports assist in knowing the quality of service and support you are providing. You can check reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and compare reports so that you might get an idea about how much improvement is done and how much improvement needs to be done.

Reports also let you know that which ticket consumed spared inventory part, total repairing expenses, and so on. You can also get customized reports as per your requirements.

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There are lots of options available for choosing IT Helpdesk Software and it can be overwhelming. It is easy to get yourself lost and looking into the features on how these features can help! However, all of the above mentioned features you can get with asset infinity's IT Helpdesk Software.

If the technician needs to visit the location, then with the software you can coordinate with the team member near that location. It will assist in resolving the issue at the earliest. This software keeps track of their field technician as well. The ticket can be issued to the nearest technician available.

If providing the best customer support to your clients is one of your top priority then Asset Infinity's IT Helpdesk Software can be very helpful. You can also try the free trial version for 14-Day. It can help in growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. How cloud-based helpdesk software is more effective?

Cloud-based helpdesk software is cost-effective and provides security to data. As it keeps data in an encrypted way so data theft is almost impossible. However, to fetch data, you must have an excellent internet connection. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to do anything.

2. Which type of industries can use helpdesk software?

All types of industries business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) such as mining industry, oil & gas industry, automobile industry, banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, etc.

3. How many types of helpdesk software are there?

There are many types of helpdesk software are there such as:
1. Cloud-based helpdesk software
2. On-premises helpdesk software
3. Open-source helpdesk software
4. Enterprise helpdesk software

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