How Important Maintenance Scheduling is in CMMS Software?

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance scheduling is a very important part of all organizations. When an organization does not implement maintenance regularly, it can result in-

  1. Decreased productivity
  2. Increased downtime
  3. Asset breakdown
  4. Unmanaged work orders
  5. Hindrance in the daily operation
  6. Decreased asset life etc.

If the organization is small and has only a few assets, they may not require any software assistance. However, for medium and large size organizations taking care of assets manually is impossible. Because a medium-size organization is equipped with hundreds of assets.

Moreover, they also need to keep track of assets that need maintenance and other information as well, like the history of maintenance, the person responsible for the maintenance, location, etc. Therefore, the software is required and for maintenance scheduling what can be a better option than CMMS software!

What Is Maintenance Scheduling?

Maintenance scheduling can be referred to as a planned activity, where details like when maintenance shall be done and who will perform the maintenance activity.

According to the priority of the work order, maintenance activity is done. In this process, the maximum amount of work can be done in minimum time with available resources.

Infizo's CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Software also helps in maintenance scheduling tasks and keeping track of maintenance and provides maintenance history too! Hence, it is one of the best maintenance scheduling software.

It helps in organizing, managing, and simplifying maintenance scheduling and operations. A CMMS software helps the maintenance manager in planning maintenance related tasks.

Overall, CMMS Software is the key to maximizing asset value and increasing asset performance.

For efficient work order management, a maintenance manager can assign a task, prioritize tasks, review, and keep track of work orders. After that, when a work order is assigned to an agent then this particular agent is notified.

In the assigned work order agent can see details such as asset history, checklist, etc. When a work order is completed and closed at the agent's end then again, the system notifies the manager about the same.

So overall this software centralizes the information as it provides real-time information and work order updates.

Computerized maintenance management system reduces asset downtime and increases efficiency.


When assets are given maintenance on time, obviously it minimizes the breakdown probability and makes assets more reliable. Similarly, it also results in optimizing asset performance. All of these activities affect the bottom line by decreasing maintenance expenses.

Key Points of Infizo's CMMS Software

  1. Centralized Information
  2. Reducing asset downtime
  3. Increasing asset performance
  4. Cost-effective maintenance
  5. Saving unnecessary expenses
  6. Prioritize work order
  7. Maintenance history tracking
  8. Maintenance Reports
  9. Implement Preventive maintenance

Undoubtedly CMMS Software is useful specifically for the manufacturing sector.

According to the Statista, “This statistic presents the advantages of adopting computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in the manufacturing industry worldwide in 2017. As of that time, 65 percent of the respondents indicated that CMMS helps improve the overall efficiency of plant manufacturing.”

If proper maintenance is given to an asset, it can increase asset uptime and productivity of asset & employee as well.

In order to achieve this, organizations need to look at things in different ways, for example, they need to change their strategy for maintenance activity. They need to move from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. This will surprisingly affect their maintenance program and will make it more efficient.

Preventive maintenance is better maintenance activity compare to other maintenance activity types. It provides several advantages to the organization such as early detection of issues, gives you time to take precautions, and resolve as soon as possible or before it occurs.

Preventive maintenance is one of the best features of Infizo's CMMS software. This software allows you to categorize your assets and equipment. It also enables you to schedule maintenance before asset failure.

Through this feature, you can create a maintenance schedule for single or multiple assets. Define your own type of activities that recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and set reminders for these activities for the same day or a few days prior, as per your preference.

As per the schedule, when the next maintenance is implemented, these sorts of activities are automatically done with the software. Moreover, you can add a file, image, or other details. It also helps you track maintenance costs to complete the activity.

Various information can be retrieved with Infizo's asset management software like activities done during the maintenance, present status of the asset & the person responsible for the maintenance, etc.

What Happens When Maintenance Scheduling Is Not Done?

An organization has lots of assets and equipment which are very costly and in order to keep them working, they need maintenance. But when maintenance is not done, then asset breakdown occurs. It starts a chain reaction just like a domino effect!

When asset failure happens, the asset will not work properly, obviously! Then production affects and also the employee's work, which results in a delay in production. In the end, the product is not delivered on time. And the summary is, unsatisfied customer, lots of maintenance expenses, eventually, organization bottom line gets affected.

Meanwhile, the organization raises a ticket for the incident whose priority is decided and assigned to the agent and then the agent is alerted via mail or SMS. After this, He or she takes actions according to the priority.

If priority is critical then the agent will respond quickly and try to resolve within the next few hours. Similarly, if priority is high then the agent will respond sooner & try to resolve within the timeline given and so forth for moderate priority and least priority, will be followed in order. If the resolution is not provided then the escalation option is also there.


Therefore, Maintenance scheduling is one of the crucial processes for an organization that is equipped with assets and equipment. It plays a crucial part in keeping the assets in a healthy condition.

If you want to improve your business productivity then this Computerized Maintenance Management Software is necessary. Implementing CMMS results in increasing asset lifecycle, asset optimization, and also provides data and reports that are helpful in the decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if the support team not able to solve the issue?

If the support team member doesn't resolve the issue, then it is escalated to the next support level and the upper level of team members. This goes through level by level as per the workflow but in the very rare cases, it happens that the support team is not able to solve the issue.  

What are the principles of the maintenance schedule?

Principles are as follows:
1. Make sure that organization has all the inventory and equipment they need to perform maintenance.
2. Inventory such as nuts, bolts & spare parts shall be available.
3. The team shall be efficient in order to complete the work order quickly & according to the priority.
4. Making sure that the right person is doing the right job.  

What is the best time to schedule preventive maintenance?

For best implementation, one should remember that try to use maximum resources and complete a work job in minimum time. Maintenance shall be implemented on a holiday so that other daily activities are not interrupted.

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