What Is the Importance of Cloud-Based Facility Management Software?

Facility Management Software

Is managing a facility becoming hectic and complicated every day? You are not alone, there are lots of owners who are struggling with managing their facilities. We know that a facility has a lot of assets and pieces of equipment that play a crucial role in day-to-day activities. Then what is the solution? The solution is facility management software!

In this blog, you will know what facility management software is and what its main features are. So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is Cloud-Based Facility Management Software?

Cloud-based facility management software allows you to manage facilities from a remote location. It is very helpful when you are away from your office.

The purpose of facility management is to ensure that the facility is fully functional, operational, and maintained.

Similarly, facility management software allows you to manage the complete operation and maintenance work from a cloud-based facility management software dashboard.

Facility management software is used by businesses to save money and provide employees with a better and healthy environment. With this software you can create work orders, schedule preventive maintenance, and asset management can be done efficiently.

It is also used for ensuring compliance. Moreover, this software enables you to use data analytics that is helpful in making a crucial decision.

Since this software is automated it eliminates the manual process and makes it automated which is helpful in decreasing unnecessary money spending.

An effective facility asset management system can have a tremendous effect on transits you deal with your facilities, staff, and work practices. you can get enhanced control over your physical assets and improve the maintenance process.

Facility management can be divided into two main categories Hard FM (Hard facility management) and Soft FM (Software facility management). Hard facility management deals with physical assets such as elevator, HVAC (Heating ventilation air conditioning), etc.

Whereas soft facility management deals with legal documents, accounting, catering, security, etc. Cloud-based facility management software is mainly used in airports, railways, ports, hospitals, manufacturing units, etc.

According to the Verified Market Research, the “Facility Management Software Market was valued at USD 37.81 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 87.13 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.94% from 2020 to 2027.”

What Are the Main Features of Cloud-Based Facility Management Software?

Cloud-based facility management software features are discussed below:

1. Preventive Maintenance

One of the most important features of cloud-based facility management software is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance allows organizations to keep assets in good condition.

As preventive maintenance is proactive in nature, it means that before asset breakdown occurs the asset is scheduled for maintenance so that asset in-efficiency can be eliminated.

This system will alert you in advance for each upcoming maintenance. By providing maintenance on time, you minimize the chances of asset failure. As a result, your maintenance expenses will be saved.

2. Prioritize Work Orders

The facility is equipped with a lot of assets and pieces of equipment. On a daily basis a lot of assets come for maintenance. Hence, it is important to prioritize work order otherwise efficient work will not be delivered and critical assets will not be maintained.

It can be very lethal for business operations. However, when you are equipped with facility management software you can prioritize assets and the maintenance team will work on high priority work orders first that will assist the organization in delivering quality work.

3. Create Work Order with Mobile

You can do regular inspections of your facility and when you find any issue in any asset you can create a work order on the go with your mobile.

This software comes in the mobile application which means you are not bound to your seat, or you do not have to note down and come back to a workstation in order to create a work order. Mobile gives more flexibility to work more efficiently.

4. Facility Centralized Data

With this cloud-based facility management software, you can keep track of work orders and monitor them. The data is centralized. You can collect data of work order that helps in making informed and better business decisions.

You can also get data history. The purpose of this data is to minimize asset failure and maintenance work as well.

Work order tracking is useful in understanding the time consumption in maintenance work and how time can be minimized!

5. Track Inventory

Tracking is not only required for maintenance but tracking is done for several purposes such as asset tracking is done to keep track of assets so that it is not misplaced or stolen.

Inventory tracking is required to ensure the best maintenance work is delivered as we know during maintenance old parts are changed and new parts are installed if the spare is not available in stock, then quality maintenance is not delivered.

This software keeps track of inventory as well, it alerts the team when the stock level is decreased so that inventory is refilled in stock and out-of-stock issues do not occur.

6. Data Security

Lots of organizations are worried about data security. However, when you are using cloud-based facility management software then you do not have to worry about data security as the cloud service provider will take care of your data security. They keep data in encrypted form so that data theft or hack cannot occur.


You can get all these features that will help your facility manager to manage the facility efficiently. This software is helpful in different ways. It is essential asset management software that will be beneficial for your business.

It will eliminate all your facility problems and it can enhance your productivity by increasing the efficiency of the equipment. This software can be used with other software as integration is an important part.

When an organization uses multiple software, they need data from the software which can be used in another. It is crucial for business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology?

A. You can access the application from anywhere.
B. You are not bound to your workstation.
C. Cloud technology gives you more flexibility.
D. The cloud technology service provider keeps data secure and stores it in an encrypted way.
E. Since it is based on a subscription basis, it is cost-effective.
These are a few of the benefits of cloud computing technology.

What is other software can be integrated with facility management software?

Although you can use it as per your requirements when you are focused on assets then you can use this software along with enterprise resource planning (ERP).

What are the overall benefits of facility management software?

Benefits of facility management software are minimized maintenance expenses, increased productivity, ensure compliance, precise reports, etc.

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