Importance and Benefits of CMMS in the Apparel Industry

Importance of CMMS in Apparel Industry

The apparel industry is one of the largest business sectors. In apparel-based organizations, production is done on a big level. There are thousands of pieces that are produced every day. For making them several types of machines are utilized.

When you have so many machines and equipment then the best option is that you have an in-house maintenance team. That will be cost-efficient and you will not have a dependency on some other organizations for maintenance.

According to Statista,

“This statistic shows the value of the leading 10 textile exporters worldwide in 2019, by country. In that year, China was the top-ranked global textile exporter with a value of approximately 120 billion U.S. dollars.”

What Are the Benefits of CMMS for the Apparel Industry?

Apparel business organizations have lots of machines and equipment that work frequently. The computerized maintenance management system is built to keep assets maintained. Below we have mentioned the benefits of CMMS for the apparel industry.

1. Equipment Tracking

A normal size apparel-based organization has hundreds or thousands of assets. Several assets are crucial for the production and many of the assets are identical.

Now, how can these assets and equipment be managed? How many of these assets need maintenance? How many assets need to be disposed of? Thanks to CMMS which turns this complex job into a simple job.

2. Maintenance Tracking

Assets, machines, and equipment need maintenance periodically. Otherwise, their performance will decrease and sudden asset failure can also occur. When there are a lot of assets around it's hard to keep track of asset maintenance.

CMMS is a dream software for the maintenance team. It helps in keeping track of assets maintenance not just that it also provides a feature of maintenance history.

3. Increasing Work Order Productivity

The maintenance team follows each work order information to know what is the issue and what will be the best effective solution. For this purpose, the maintenance team also tracks machine servicing history and previous issues and what was done for the issue. If the same issues occurred again then some other strategy is used.

It is better to perform maintenance work on a machine for one day rather than doing it again and again! If machines are provided with proper maintenance then asset performance will decrease, sudden equipment failure can also occur. As a result, your daily operation will be impacted and production work will halt as well.

4. Better Machine Output

We know CMMS emphasizes maintenance and boosting the performance of machines and equipment by making enhancement & improvement.

When machines and equipment are in good condition, their performance is also boosted and as a result, production is increased. When production will increase it will boost the bottom line as well.

5. Accentuate on Preventive Maintenance

One of the top highlights of CMMS is preventive maintenance. It inspects and monitors each equipment and machine closely. If any issue is reported in any equipment then a work order is released for the same.

The scheduling of maintenance is done as per the priority of equipment and slots are allotted. Preventive maintenance saves the organization from an unexpected breakdown of machines. As we know if small issues are ignored then catastrophic breakdown can occur.

6. Eliminating Papers & Manual Work

A few years back, when tickets were managed on paper it was very hard to keep track. Because there was a lot of paperwork that needed to be done and if you needed some paper from last year you might not get it. Even if you get it there was a chance of error because the paperwork was done manually back then there were lots of typo-error. Tickets were managed manually and technicians were not receiving the right information about machines.

However, with the CMMS software, it can be retrieved within minutes. Furthermore, CMMS is automatic so chances of error are reduced. Now data errors are also reduced since everything is automatic thanks to CMMS software. Now technicians were also receiving the right information about equipment.

What Is the Importance of CMMS?

It adds value to the organization. Reports help discover the pitfalls and you can develop a strategy on how to overcome it! It provides detailed reports which help in concluding.

It also has a reminder feature in which machine maintenance is due, the system alerts the maintenance team about it so that no textile equipment maintenance is missed.

CMMS provides centralized data information through which managers can determine how much inventory is left in the stock or which technician is working on which work order. It makes employees aware because every information is shared on the cloud. Furthermore, since everything is on the cloud you get real-time updates as well.

CMMS helps in keeping track of tickets as well who are working on the work order. It aligns work and streamlines maintenance.

So, these were some important tasks that showed the importance of CMMS.


CMMS software is a very effective tool as it is meant for assets, equipment, and machine maintenance. It helps an organization in various ways. Thus, it is an effective asset management software that has the potential to grow your business and take it to another level. Therefore, CMMS is very important for the apparel industry.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the major advantages of preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance gives you the time to schedule maintenance in other words planning. It is less expensive and daily operation does not suffer like emergency maintenance. Preventive maintenance works proactively. These are some of the major advantages of preventive maintenance.

Who uses CMMS?

CMMS can be used in all organizations and it is a very effective tool for those organizations which are equipped with a lot of assets and have huge machines. CMMS is also used by those companies who deal with maintenance work orders such as vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance, etc.  

What are MTTR and MTBF?

Both terms are related to maintenance. MTTR stands for the average time to repair and MTBF stands for average time between failures. CMMS software provides you both and both can be beneficial in increasing machine performance.

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