Basic Difference Between CMMS & Plant Maintenance Software

CMMS vs Plant Maintenance

Maintenance is one major part of all assets & equipment. It is helpful in keeping safe from unexpected equipment failure, that is why automated software is crucial for an organization. This is where CMMS and plant maintenance comes into play. However, there are lots of similarities between CMMS and plant maintenance, but they are different from each other. In this blog, we will know how CMMS and plant maintenance are different.

What Is CMMS Software?

CMMS software is helpful to all asset-intensive organizations. It keeps track of asset maintenance and provides asset history as well, which is helpful in optimizing asset performance.

One of the most basic and essential features of CMMS software is scheduling asset maintenance and ensuring that assets get maintenance on time so that unexpected asset failure can be avoided. CMMS provides valuable intel that helps in boosting asset performance.

This software eliminates the manual process and emphasizes the automated process, moreover, it sends alerts & notifications at regular intervals whenever a new maintenance work order is created. This software provides valuable data that helps in making informed and strategic business decisions.

With CMMS software you can easily schedule maintenance and manage them as per the requirement. The software is helpful in saving maintenance expenses by ensuring that each asset gets maintenance on time, that's why the CMMS software market is growing quickly. CMMS software has a huge market size.

According to Verified Market Research, “CMMS Software Market size was valued at USD 913.58 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 1,721.02 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.41% from 2021 to 2028.”

In order to provide maintenance to each asset, this software is equipped with preventive maintenance. It is one of the most important features as well. CMMS centralizes information that helps teams in understanding which maintenance team worker is working on which work order.

Similarly, the status of each work order can be seen as well.

What Is Plant Maintenance Software?

Plant maintenance software also helps in providing asset maintenance and it also falls under the umbrella of CMMS. Most importantly, plants have lots of valuable assets and complex assets which need to be maintained.

These assets are crucial in running day-to-day business. Without them running daily operations will be a hectic and time-consuming task. Mostly these assets are helpful in production work.

So, it requires a type of plant maintenance software specially designed as per the requirement of the plant.

What Are the Similarities Between CMMS and Plant Maintenance?

Similarities between CMMS and plant maintenance are given below:

1. Focus on Asset Maintenance

For asset maintenance, condition monitoring of assets is important. Both offer the functionality of effective asset management to keep your assets running at maximized performance as far as might be feasible.

2. Prevent Sudden Equipment Failure

Lots of organizations are not equipped with any automated maintenance software and as a result, their maintenance expenses increase. But with CMMS and plant maintenance you can easily keep track of asset health and prevent sudden equipment failure by scheduling maintenance on time for each asset.

3. Preventive Maintenance

This feature is a major part of CMMS and plant maintenance. If the assets do not get maintenance on time, then it leads to equipment failure which will increase your maintenance expenses however by providing proactive maintenance you can decrease your maintenance expenses by a huge margin.

What Is the Difference Between CMMS & Plant Maintenance?

Below we have discussed the difference between CMMS and plant maintenance:

1. In plant maintenance, you do not get the forecast of asset maintenance but with CMMS software you can get the forecast of assets.

2. CMMS software has the facility of scheduling and prioritizing asset maintenance work orders whereas in plant maintenance there is no priority work order.

3. In plant maintenance, you do not maintain the complete report of maintenance whereas in CMMS you get a complete report of all time.

4. CMMS has a work order checklist creation feature & plant maintenance has a work order feature only.


CMMS is just an advanced version that has more features than Plant maintenance. CMMS is focused on several aspects of businesses whereas plant maintenance software mainly focuses on maintenance.

Plant maintenance does not provide business analytics. Business analytics are helpful in making data-driven decisions. This feature comes in CMMS.

The process of choosing the right option for your business can be hectic as you have to gather all the requirements, then compare vendors and request pricing features they are offering and demo and after according to the need whichever suits you will be the best option.

If you still have confusion, we are just a few clicks away. Infizo will help you in providing the best customized asset management software as per your requirements. Schedule a demo now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is preventive maintenance tracking done?

Preventive maintenance tracking is done with the help of acid tracking technology such as barcode QR code RFID GPS BLE etc.

What Are the Types of Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance can be done in two ways, for example, an organization has lots of trucks. In order to keep them maintained they can use time-based (Calendar based) preventive maintenance & performance-based (Usage-based) preventive maintenance.

1. Usage-Based Preventive Maintenance

In this preventive maintenance strategy, the asset is provided maintenance when it covers a specific limit. For example, after every 1000-kilometer drive assets will be given maintenance.

2. Calendar-Based Preventive Maintenance

In this preventive maintenance, if the asset is used or not used it will be provided maintenance after a certain time. This time can be 15 days, one month, or two months.

Why Is a Checklist Important for the Maintenance Team?

A checklist is important for the maintenance team as it is helpful to keep track of maintenance. This feature comes hand in hand especially when there is a lot of pressure and work for the maintenance team. At that time some usual activities are left unformed, unperformed or forgotten but with the checklist feature, all activities that need to be performed are checked and ensure each activity is done according to the checklist.

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