5 Reasons Why Manufacturing Industry Must Utilize CMMS Software

CMMS Software for Manufacturing

All assets used in manufacturing are complex and huge. They work continuously for long hours, and it impacts the performance of an asset. It is important that they are always in good condition. If you do not keep them maintained, you can suffer huge losses due to sudden equipment failure. Manufacturing assets are costly, they cannot be replaced easily, and they are not easy to sell as well. But you can easily maintain them with CMMS Software.

In this blog, we will know what the benefits of CMMS Software for the manufacturing industry are! So, let us begin. But first, we will learn some basics first!

What Is CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for a computerized maintenance management system. This software is helpful in keeping assets maintained. It provides asset history and whenever maintenance is scheduled for that purpose a maintenance work order is created.

Moreover, you can easily make a work order and mention all the activities that need to be done in each work order, that is called a maintenance work order checklist.

CMMS software is helpful in optimizing asset performance and enhancing asset life. It also assists in decreasing downtime and reducing sudden asset breakdown.

With this software, you can check the status of each work order, track downtime and record the cost of each maintenance. Overall, this software provides improved safety for employees and for the equipment themselves as well.

CMMS software enables organizations to schedule maintenance for single or multiple assets. CMMS software market size is also growing at a great speed!

According to Verified Market Research, “CMMS Software Market size was valued at USD 913.58 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 1,721.02 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.41% from 2021 to 2028.”

What Are the Main Reasons CMMS Software Is Important for the Manufacturing Industry?

Below we have given reasons why CMMS must be implemented in the manufacturing industry:

1. Minimizing Sudden Asset Breakdown

Sudden equipment failure is extremely dangerous for business. When a sudden breakdown occurs, not only do assets not work, but it also leads to increased maintenance expenses.

Furthermore, it impacts the productivity of the organization, as well as work operation, holds and production work speed slows down.

With CMMS Software, you can easily schedule maintenance and keep track of all assets and plan maintenance accordingly.

2. Automate Maintenance

There are assets in abundance in Manufacturing based organizations so keeping track of assets which assets got maintenance and which does not is hectic and complex work. That is why manufacturing organizations must utilize CMMS Software.

With CMMS Software, you can easily schedule maintenance as this software keeps track of maintenance and alerts you for each upcoming maintenance.

3. Preventive Maintenance

It is essential to perform maintenance on time. Otherwise, sudden equipment failure can occur. This is where preventive maintenance comes in, it is one of the most notable features of CMMS Software.

Preventive maintenance is a maintenance program that helps in avoiding sudden equipment failure and decreasing maintenance expenses. Lots of maintenance managers and professionals utilize preventive maintenance software in their operations so that benefits can be achieved.

4. Decreased Asset Downtime

Asset downtime is one of the major factors in decreasing return on investment (ROI). Because when an asset is purchased a huge amount of money is spent and when it does not add value to the organization then obviously investment is fruitful.

Similarly, when an asset does not work it is not adding value therefore it is important that asset downtime is decreased so that productivity can be optimized.

5. Make Informed Decisions with Reports

With CMMS software you get data that can assist you in making an informed decision. You can collect statistics and accurate data through which you can create key performance indicators (KPI) of each asset.

Moreover, you can create a knowledge base with data that will be helpful to the organization. You get accurate reports that are crucial while setting long-term goals with asset history you can anticipate when an asset will require the next maintenance.


With CMMS software, you can track expenses done in each work order, it assists organizations in understanding how productive an asset is! Work allocation is simplified with an alert & notification feature.

When a new work order is assigned to a technician he is notified via mail, mobile notification, and SMS. Furthermore, whenever a delay occurs again notification is sent.

Moreover, you can get customized reports as per your own requirements by using filters such as pending activities, employees, location, department, etc.

Furthermore, the frequency can be defined as well for each such as daily, weekly, monthly, and so on because some assets which are used more frequently require more maintenance.

You can decide the priority of each work order as well so that more productive work is delivered. There is no doubt that this software can be extremely useful for the manufacturing industry, and they can reduce their maintenance costs by massive amounts and increase productivity.

Therefore, investing in CMMS software can give an extra edge to your manufacturing business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How CMMS Software Is Helpful to the Manufacturing Railway Sector?

The Manufacturing railway sector requires lots of inventory which helps in manufacturing railway as their inventory comes from distinct locations. It is important that work should not be stopped so CMMS software helps in providing real-time information when inventory will be delivered so that the manufacturing sector plans their activities in a way so that work is not halted.

Which Industry Can Use CMMS Software?

This software is widely used in oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and facility management can also be done with CMMS.

What Are the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance?

The benefits of preventive maintenance are given below:

1. Reduced maintenance expenses.

2. Increased asset lifespan.

3. Better performance.

4. Time-saving process.

5. Improved safety.

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