Why CMMS Software Is Essential for Facility Management?

CMMS For Facility Management

We know that facility management is not an easy task. If your organization is managing its facility easily then your organization is functioning in an effective way but if you are not then it is okay, lots of organizations are struggling with facility management. The main reason is that they are managing it manually since there are lots of assets that need to be managed. Thus, it is not a simple task. But you can simplify facility management. How? You can use CMMS for facility management. It provides complete control over your facility, you can perform asset maintenance easily and the operation of maintenance is simplified as well.

What Is CMMS Software?

CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) is an automated maintenance management software that helps organizations in scheduling maintenance. It is also helpful in tracking maintenance and providing proactive maintenance according to the health of assets.

This software provides an automated strategic approach to keeping assets in good condition. It comes in handy when an organization is equipped with a lot of assets. CMMS software enables organizations to plan their maintenance activities.

According to Verified Market Research, “CMMS Software Market size was valued at USD 913.58 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 1,721.02 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.41% from 2021 to 2028.”

How Does CMMS Help in Facility Management?

With this system, you have several maintenance options such as preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance, and predictive maintenance for managing your facility efficiently.

This software centralizes all the maintenance information and keeps everyone on the same page. With this software, you can make informed decisions and set future goals and objectives that will assist you in better management of your facility.

Most importantly this software eliminates the manual process of maintenance and optimizes the maintenance process by alerting and scheduling maintenance in advance for each asset.

What Are the Benefits of CMMS While Managing the Facility?

Benefits of CMMS while managing facility are discussed below:

1. Increased Asset Life

CMMS software is helpful in increasing the asset life as it schedules maintenance on a regular basis. When assets do not have any problems and maintenance is done on time then it leads to better asset performance and increases asset life as well.

Since CMMS provides real-time information, it increases the chances of catching failure before it occurs. Moreover, a maintenance schedule can be done easily.

2. Proactive Maintenance

CMMS specializes in maintenance, and it schedules maintenance for each asset before asset failure can occur.

For this purpose, predictive and preventive maintenance types are used. Both maintenance types are proactive in nature and dramatically decrease asset downtime.

3. Decreased Maintenance Expenses

When you implement CMMS you might think that it is a costly solution, but it schedules maintenance and clears all pending maintenance and, in the process, inventory is consumed as well.

However, in the long run, maintenance frequency will be decreased, and inventory will be consumed less as well. As a result, maintenance expenses will be decreased.

4. Detailed Reports

Reports are helpful to businesses as they provide a complete picture of assets. The report contains data & Data is the key to growing a business more efficiently.

It lets you know how the asset is performing, what is the frequency of asset maintenance, & the costs incurred in each maintenance, and how much inventory you will require in a specific period.

With CMMS reports, you can set future goals and data is helpful in knowing what to expect from assets. CMMS provides all types of reports and data that will be helpful to your business.

5. Compliance & Audit

Maintaining compliance is not easy as there are several rules and regulations which every organization must follow otherwise, they will have to bear penalties.

Especially if someone complains or during an external audit. CMMS is helpful in maintaining compliance as this software alerts the management.

The audit is one of the inevitable processes that must be done every year and lots of organizations face problems in that procedure.

As they do not know the location of all assets and verifying them becomes hectic and it becomes a long procedure.

How Infizo's CMMS Software Is Helpful for Facility Management to Maintenance Managers?

CMMS is helpful for facility management to organizations in several ways:

1. It is helpful in scheduling maintenance for each asset and managers do not have to remember or track manually.

2. CMMS enables managers to keep track of maintenance and analyze asset performance individually.

3. This software provides valuable data that helps maintenance managers make strategic and informed decisions.

4. CMMS ensures that assets get maintenance on time as it sends alerts & notifications for each maintenance.

5. This software centralizes information which keeps everyone (including managers, and technicians) informed on which work order who is working!

6. This software provides real-time information that helps in making decisions right away.

7. In each work order, what are the activities that need to be performed that can be mentioned with the checklist feature!

8. CMMS keeps track of inventory required for each maintenance so that when maintenance is performed technicians have stock in hand.


A facility has lots of assets therefore keeping them maintained is a necessity. Hence, organizations must utilize CMMS as this is helpful in keeping each asset in good condition. CMMS for facility management is also helpful in depreciation management as this software can provide exact asset life and depreciation methods and scrap value & accordingly calculate depreciation without compromising accuracy.

Therefore, investing in CMMS can be helpful in terms of facility management. Infizo provides the best CMMS solution in the market. You can schedule a demo now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Features of the CMMS Solution?

Below we have given features of the CMMS solution:

1. Work order management

2. Alerts & notifications

3. Maintenance history

4. Maintenance tracking

5. Checklist for maintenance

What Is Proactive Maintenance?

Proactive maintenance enables the organization to schedule maintenance before asset failure can occur. It helps in minimizing downtime, increases productivity, and saves time. Most importantly proactive maintenance assists in avoiding hindrance in daily operations by keeping assets maintained.

What Are the Main Assets in a Facility?

HVAC, elevators, computers, light systems, vehicles, printers, and other costly equipment. All these items are highly valuable, precious, and depreciating assets. These types of assets are the main assets in a facility.

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