Best Proven Technology for Outdoor Asset Tracking

Outdoor Asset Tracking System

Organizations have this tendency of buying expensive equipment, they think that it enhances the efficiency with which their employee perform their tasks. But they don't keep track of their assets. Maintenance of these costly assets is equally important to keep their efficiency up. Negligence of these tasks can lead to major asset failure, increased downtime, asset misplacement, asset theft, and so on. No organization will want to be in a situation like this.

That is the reason why Asset Tracking is very important either outdoor or indoor. Asset Tracking is undoubtedly an excellent software to invest your money on. Imagine a time when you have no clear information about where your asset is, a situation like this can create a lot of problems in the working of a business.  That is why outdoor asset tracking is essential!

In this blog, we will understand what Outdoor Asset Tracking System is and what are the best technologies that can be used for doing the same.

What Is Outdoor Asset Tracking?

Outdoor Asset Tracking System is a technique through which an organization can get to know where its assets are at any given point. It makes the visualization very easy, of where an asset is present at any given point.

Asset Tracking is based on different techniques, as assets differ in nature.

- For Hardware an organization relies on QR codes, RFID, Barcodes, and GPS Trackers. They can simply implant it on the device and can track it globally. Now to do this, is not an easy job, one must understand the industry and the assets they are dealing with and then accordingly put hardware trackers.

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- If we talk about software tracking, organizations keep an indirect track of the software. Understanding same with an example, if an organization wants to track mobile gadgets to track the human assets that they procure, for that they use GPS satellite which sends direct data to the cloud-based software in real-time so the organization knows where its asset is.

What Is the Benefit of Tracking Assets?

1. Real-Time Tracking Feature

Asset management software helps the company track its assets in real time. This software comes with the technique of Cloud computing, where all the data is saved in real-time. If the company wants to track its asset in real-time, to know its location, condition, history, etc., it can check it by sitting anywhere in the world.    

2. Boosts Productivity

When a company tags all its assets, it can easily track them from anywhere in the world. The manual work is being reduced. The reduction of human effort also reduces the chances of human error. We use this technique in hospitals to track their supplies, or in big factories with big warehouses to keep a record of all their assets.

3. Reduces the Maintenance Cost

There is very important information stored on this software, as we can track the assets down and know everything about them. And once we know the condition of our assets, we can also set aside the maintenance cost money, and work our way out by mending them.

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What Is GPS and How Does It Help in Tracking Assets?

Outdoor Asset Tracking System is a must for an organization to use such a technology that is effective globally. One such technology is GPS Tracking. GPS are battery-based trackers which are attached to the vehicle.

There are two purposes that it serves. One is it provides the vehicle with a whole different identity and the second one is that after regular intervals it sends the live location of the vehicle to the tracking software.

There are many different ways to track assets but then they require inputs, in RFID and Barcodes one needs to scan them to get the information. But with the use of GPS one can know the live location of any asset at any given point.

According to the grand view research, “the global positioning systems (GPS) market size was estimated at USD 37.9 billion in 2017. It is anticipated to progress at a CAGR of 18.4% during the forecast period. (2018 – 2025)”

Best Outdoor Tracker: Which Is It?

It is not possible to name the Best Outdoor Tracker as the best varies in different situations. When we are supposed to have live locations of Assets – the GPS tracker proves to be the best. If we talk about the best scanning technology, the top has always been the Barcode scanner. Whereas RFID works more correctly than in comparison with Barcode.

Though Barcodes come with their demerits. There is simply one problem associated with the bar code they need to be well aligned in a direct line with scanning gadgets on the way to get it scanned and retrieve information.

Hence, we can say that what is best for you must be left on a few factors which are Cost, Asset Mobility, Location Accuracy, Tracking Frequency etc.

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Every organization wishes to have something which moves with their valuable asset, to inform them timely where their asset lies. At a point like this, one must not waste time and should invest in Outdoor Asset Tracking System which tells you about your asset’s precise location and condition at different intervals. One must invest and unravel its power.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 - What Is the Benefit When You Track an Asset?

You get to know the condition, precise location, and movement history of your valuable assets, which then helps you in decision-making and to maintain a good workflow in the organization.

Q.2 - How Outdoor Asset Tracking Enhances One’s Power of Being Responsible?

Take an example, a shipment is due on you, and the customer is asking you where his order is. You know it is out for delivery, but to know where exactly it is, you can take the help of Outdoor Asset Tracking.

Q.3 - Do We Have the Power to Customize the Asset Tracking?

Yes, we can customize Asset Tracking according to your needs.

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