Various Advantages of NFC with Their Use Cases

Advantages of NFC with Their Use Cases

In today's time, NFC (Near Field Communication) has become the front part of the mobile device industry. NFC has numerous advantages of its own in almost every industry making scanning easy through mobile devices itself.

NFC is capable of providing many benefits from various industries like:

  • Getting information by touching smart posters.
  • Using the NFC phone as an event ticket.
  • Setting a wireless home office just with a touch.
  • Printing from the camera by placing it close to the printer.
  • Getting on the bus by just waving your NFC phone.
  • Sharing a business card with just a touch.
  • Paying for items/goods with a tap of NFC phone.

NFC payment has emerged out as the future of mobile devices, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of NFC according to their use case

1. NFC for Cashless Payments

  • Convenient: The convenience of payment is one of the greatest advantages of this technology. NFC makes it very easy for the customers to make instant payment via their smartphones and tablets, using their mobile wallets.

    The process of payment is so simple to understand and use. It also helps the customers to perform financial transactions by just touching and tapping on their screen.
  • Versatile: NFC is very versatile as it covers a range of different industries and services. The mode of payment can be used for mobile banking, reserving restaurant seats, movie passes, booking train tickets, getting real-time updates on expenditure, collecting and redeeming reward points, coupons, etc.
  • Great User Experience: NFC technology is beneficial for enterprises as organizations readily adapt to the latest technology which is dynamic and progressive.

    Using NFC technology also helps to serve the customers better by giving them an easy and hassle-free mode of payment. Offering better user experience helps to enhance productivity and efficiency which enables us to gain customer loyalty and it also attracts new customers.

2. NFC in Asset Tracking

  • Asset Return: NFC asset tracking system gives innovative ways to ensure that the item taken from the asset store is returned or not.

    Whenever the asset leaves the storage area, the data is feed along with the name of their assigned employee and their details. Once the asset is returned its details are logged in again.
  • Asset Security: With attached NFC tags at storage facilities, offices, and other rooms, assures that the security panel regularly checks each area while patrolling.

    Every time on the physical check of a room, they can use their phone to tap the NFC tag and prove that they have been present.
  • Web Interface: The web interface allows you to get a check on operators and on all monitored objects or people. You can easily keep an eye on all your tasks with that you can also set deadlines.
  • Speed of Scanning: The NFC tracking tags are faster at work. You just need to bring your phone close to one NFC tag to record monitoring and automatically send warnings, if required. All the updates are in real-time. Everything is stored in the cloud. You can export reports in a faster way.

3. NFC for recording Time & Attendance

  • Seamless: High level of NFC encryption allows the institutions and organization to employ it as a sort of a security system as it will provide an update accurate ID on students entering and exiting the premises.

    Employees of the organization are using the NFC technology to seamlessly interact in the office environment, sharing real-time information about their working hours and attendance with each other.
  • Secure: Using mobile wallets is, to an extent, safer than using physical credit cards. In the unfortunate event of theft of the mobile device, the user's credit card information is password and PIN protected. This adds on an additional layer of safety.

    Also, NFC-enabled payment cards are built to be more secure than the magnetic stripe of a regular credit card. While using this system of payment, retailers would have no physical access to customers' credit card information.
  • Improved Productivity: NFC improves the efficiency & productivity in the organization by generating more revenue as it potentially attracts more customers, which can be used for staff communication in the workplace and is suited for the broad range of industries.
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4. NFC for Transport

  • For Travelers: NFC enabled phones to have a great advantage over paper tickets. The tickets get virtually stored in the phones inherently which are more durable, difficult to lose, and more environment-friendly than paper tickets.

    Moreover, they are more convenient than plastic cards. Travelers just need to tap the information tags that embedded in the smart posters to download the related data like train schedules, information about nearby attractions, this all improves the person's travel experience.

    NFC is also incorporated in readers nowadays to enable various services like renting bicycles, the opening of storage lockers, etc.
  • For Transport Operators: NFC programs have successfully satisfied the customers/travelers because of their easy and contactless ticketing and payment solutions. In the closed gate systems, throughput has increased, and bus boarding times have improved.

    The transport operators are benefitted from the reduced operating and maintenance costs by cutting down from paper tickets, ticket machines, ticket sellers, and ticket sellers.

    A mobile asset tracking device allows the operator to provide additional services like language settings, advertising, and promotional opportunities, tourism information, loyalty schemes, and direct marketing.

5. NFC in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • For Autoinjectors: NFC-labels for autoinjectors are put in combination with a corresponding smartphone app that informs users that the product is authentic.

    The label is wrapped around the autoinjector including the cap, it has an integrated NFC chip which is easily read with a smartphone app.
  • Product Verification: Before opening the cap seal for the first time, patients can verify whether the product is an original or not and receive respective confirmation.

    After opening the cap and label and reading the NFC chip once more, patients will receive a warning on their smartphones that indicate whether the product was previously opened or tampered, enabling patients to easily and quickly check the intactness of their injection aids from anywhere at any time.
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NFC (Near Field Communication) has already begun to shape the future of electronic gadgets in people's life. As the prices of chip manufacturing will fall, the NFC-enabled mobile phones will become standard and their applications will become a part and parcel of life.

In today's time, the digital transaction is so common that we can purchase every little thing with an online transaction. With the growing technology people are just worried about the security of their personal data that is stored on their NFC devices.

Still, NFC is a must-have application on smartphones and people just need some more knowledge to know about NFC advantages and to make them more aware of how it works.

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