Why Do You Need an Asset Tracking System Today!

asset tracking system

Your company needs equipment such as machinery, land, wealth, and insurance to execute a business. These valuable assets will be used frequently for a long period of time. Some of these items need regular maintenance so that they can give full avail to the company for garnering the income. Breakdown of an asset could cause a financial loss of the business.

Your Business Needs an Asset Management System

Every organization needs a system that will help manage the assets so that the asset is available at the time it is required. This process will enhance the assets to give the fullest of their utility to the company.

For example, your company has purchased a motorcycle for transportation purpose. The transport department has parked the vehicle at one of the garages of the company.

Later, the motorcycle is shifted to another garage at other location of the company. The asset management department will note down the transaction information of the vehicle in a register.

After some time, there happens to be a crucial situation when a motorcycle is needed for business use. The asset management department will audit the records in the register to retrieve the vehicle. This process will prevent the company from the unnecessary purchase of a new motorcycle.

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Maintain Your Equipment to Avoid Interruptions in Business

All the fixed assets and equipment require a guideline to get them the regular maintenance for long-last performances. Maintenance of different assets may classify according to their distinguishing traits.

This may be any service like lubricating of tool and machinery on a regular basis, an inspection of the workplace, renewal of insurance, and recreation of activity to apt the changing environment of your business.

Regular maintenance of assets will prevent your business from wasting time and money on overall restarting a procedure from the beginning.

For example, the technician regularly cleans the printer of the company's office. Every month, he opened the cartridge and removed the clogged ink. This service will extend the printer's life.

Mismanagement of Assets Could Cause Excessive Spending

Managing the assets of an organization is a weighty job. The maintenance department needs to follow certain guideline to carry on the service. There will be a strict job description; adhere to keeping up with records of equipment purchase, coordinating with associates, and assessment from the service receiver.

The manual management of assets can make your business vulnerable, to asset loss. At the time of capturing and recording the information of assets, there may be occasions where the manager may miss out some entries.

Such incidents might lead to indecent circumstances like asset damaged due to the displacement of the property. This will oblige the company to purchase a new asset for replacement.

Use Asset Maintenance Software for the Best Practice

Asset Infinity, the online asset maintenance and tracking app deliver a state-of-the-art feature to manage your assets. This unique software is easy to use, and it gives accurate information about your belongings.

The app works on desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. The user interface application allows you to add all the assets in separate fields and categories. The users can filter out different types of assets according to their categories, users, location, and status.

The inventory management software has built-in free text to search all the information of an asset. It allows your company to change its logo. It has a parameter of adopting your time zone, options to change currency settings, and supports the multi-lingual function.

Stay Connected with Your Company Activities

The asset maintenance software allows your company to keep track of all the assets used in the business. It gathers manuals and details of your equipment and allows the users to customise the dashboard. At the time of asset allocation, the asset app users will fix barcode to it so that they can track the same using a barcode scanner.

This equipment tracking app also has the characteristic quality of preventive maintenance software that can notify the user whereabouts of the assets and their status. The data recorded to the app will highlight the history of the movement of the asset on how and when it was used.

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The asset maintenance software can filter and export all the assets into an Excel spreadsheet or PDF document files. It has an advanced multiple-selection system on the assets to carry out any kind of activity.

Wrap Up:

Asset Infinity is the leading asset management software and app provider. It enables you to track your assets using Barcode tagging, QR code tagging, RFID tags tracking, NFC tags tracking.

There are more features such as Auditing of your assets & Physical verification, Maintenance management, Utility Monitoring, and report on the equipment you can use from anywhere, at any time. Asset Infinity offers a free 14-day trial - no credit card required!

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