Mobile Enterprise Asset Management: A New Reach

Mobile Enterprise Asset Management

Mobile enterprise asset management is a new trend that is liked and followed by everyone. It has changed the outlook of people in the industry, on how to precisely grow the reach in terms of asset management.

Enterprise Asset Management: An Organization's Need

According to Wikipedia,

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) concerns the management of the maintenance of the physical assets of an organization through an asset's lifecycle.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps to plan, optimize, execute, and track the required maintenance activities with their related priorities, skills, materials, tools, and information.

The processing of EAM involves designing, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and replacement of plant, equipment, and facilities.

The word  “enterprise” in enterprise asset management has its own value as it refers to the scope of assets in an enterprise including all its departments, locations, and facilities.

These assets may be fixed assets or mobile assets.

Fixed Assets: Buildings, Plant, Machineries, etc.

Mobile Assets: Vehicles, Ships, Moving Equipment's, etc.

EAM is majorly used in industries where the use of expensive and complex physical assets like vehicles, plants, and heavy equipment is extensive. Here well-known industry users include the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, mining, energy, government, utility, aerospace, and defense industry.

Growth of Enterprise Asset Management:

As earlier at the beginning of enterprise asset management it used to be worked out or handled on paper and then on desktop software with spreadsheets as the technology got advanced. Then as a specialized enterprise asset management software as an application.

And now as technology is getting more advance seeking the demands and requirements of busy people. Therefore, the enterprise asset management is now available for mobile, known as mobile enterprise asset management.

Growth of Enterprise Asset Management
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Features of Mobile Enterprise Asset Management:

1. Push Notification

Through the mobile application, provision of both In-App and Push Notifications or Alerts, are received by the user on their device. These messages are in respect of updates or information if any.

2. Increase in Productivity

The mobile app increases communications by sharing the same resources, to place an order and give replies. It tends to increase productivity to approx. 30% with available reporting tools with accumulated customer data.

3. Integrates with Existing Software

The mobile application can be totally customized, according to your requirements of features. The app is built considering your current business software and guarantees that the app will integrate well with your existing software and function without any error.

4. Easy and Convenient

Convenience is the best benefit of the mobile app as it is developed with easy access configuration. You get complete control and you don't have to depend on others for any related work.

5. Real-Time Access:

Real-Time Access is one of the best and needed features. It gives you updated data every time you open the app otherwise it gets sync automatically proving you the access to real-time functioning of assets.

6. Scanning Capabilities

The mobile application also features scanning capabilities so that you get to utilize most of the asset management software features. These features include scanning of RFID, Barcode, QR code, NFC and Wi-Fi, IR, Bluetooth which gives you access to monitor and control your assets wherever they are located.

7. Secure App Data

the mobile app is always designed with fully secured features so that, your data is safe and secure. It is not used by anyone except you yourself; as full access is only provided to few assured people.

8. Data Accuracy

You can add, delete or discrete the asset from your mobile application which gets your data-log in accordingly and simultaneously updated regarding the same. You can refine your asset usage records any time you need it.

9. Ease in Asset Tracking and Management

Enterprise Asset Management Software is meant to keep it easier for you to manage and monitor your assets regularly and the mobile application for the same takes it to a level higher. The mobile application gives you wider access to the software making it more comfortable to use.

10. Access on every Platform

Moreover, you can use EAM software application at every platform whether it be windows, android, and iOS; with multiple functionalities of their respective OS.

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What is the need for Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Application?

Mobile EAM Application for every software has become mandatory nowadays, as it provides more access to the features of the application than the web application.

In terms of handling asset management, the mobile application is easier to operate and more productive to use.

Nowadays, everyone carries a smartphone and believes to work in a smart way. The application allows the users for easy, smart and crisp usage of the software.

Moreover, mobiles are convenient to use, and so as its application; as you have your smartphones in your pocket every time and everywhere you go.

Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Application provides your fingers with 24*7 access and convenience. If you want to know about the location of your asset you need not find the desktop nearby, just simply grab your smartphone and you can access the application software.

Mobile technology has provided the ability to ask queries, resolve issues and on-time practice. You will be able to look up for the updates and information even if you are away from your workplace.

Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Application gives you the total access of the Asset Management and Tracking Software of your enterprise on your palms, in its real-time and is organized exactly how you want.


Convenience, Real-Time Access, Easy to use are some features everybody wants in an application. With the mobile enterprise asset management software application, you receive a next-level feature than just including Data Accuracy, Scanning Capabilities, Easy Asset Tracking.

The mobile application has taken the Enterprise Asset Management Software to a higher level expanding it's for usage, maintenance, and tracking of assets.

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