Keep your assets and asset data secure with Asset Infinity's data security compliances

Keep your assets and asset data secure with Asset Infinity's data security compliances

Assets are important for organizations in order to run day-to-day operations, which is why taking care of each asset is crucial. At the same time, it is important to save asset information and all business information from cyber-attacks and data breaches. There are government firms who perform compliance audits to check IT service providing organization following rules & policies. If not, then they might end up paying huge penalties for violating law & regulatory policies.

What are the regulatory compliances Asset Infinity complied with? What are its benefits?

Regulatory compliances Asset Infinity is complied with:

ISO 27001

It defines the international standard of audits given by the Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is an efficient methodology comprising innovation, operations, and individuals that helps you safeguard and manage all your association's data through robust risk management.

Benefits of ISO 27001:

Avoid regulatory compliance violations & penalties

Avoid security threats

Protects business reputation

Audit frequency can be decreased


SOC 2 certification is essential for those organizations that are offering third-party IT services. Businesses who look for IT services check that IT service organization is complied with SOC 2.Apart from this they also check that the organization strictly follows & adheres to IT security. Accomplishing SOC 2 accreditation implies merchants take data protection seriously & professionally.

Benefits of SOC 2:

Competitive advantage to the business

Enhance brand reputation

Keep data encrypted


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)is one of the toughest compliances. It is crucial for those IT service providers who are working or want to work with European organizations. As the European Union wants to keep its data secured. According to Tech Target, “GDPR is basically European Union's core digital privacy legislation. The mandate applies to organizations in all member states and has implications for businesses and individuals across the EU.”

Benefits of GDPR:

Business process automation

Better understanding of collected data

Increased credibility

What are the benefits of cloud security?

The benefits of cloud security are discussed below:

Minimum upfront cost

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that you do not have to purchase hardware or install heavy software on your system. You will save a significant amount of money you can use to optimize data security.

Better data security

Cloud technology gives you centralized data & security. The best part is cloud service provider will take care of the security part. All the security measures the cloud service provider takes you will automatically get all those benefits as well. The centralized location permits cloud security organizations to effectively perform errands, such as executing catastrophe recuperation plans, smoothing out network monitoring, and upgrading data security.

Enhanced reliability & availability

You would not want users to face problems while accessing the data. Cloud services ensure that authorized users get immediate access to the data without compromising security. Cloud technology is one of the most reliable and effective methods for accessing data. It ensures that the data is available all the time. Moreover, there is a restriction on access and authorization for ensuring data security.

Maximum security at a reasonable cost

You will enjoy all the benefits of cloud security as the cloud service provider will take care of the security and you will not have to pay the additional cost. The cloud service provider will fulfill all your security needs as a result you will not have to hire or worry about security updates and configuration. The cloud service provider has a security department to resolve all your security-related issues.

Is my data secured with Asset Infinity cloud-based asset management software?

Yes, all the data is secured with Asset Infinity's cloud-based asset management software. As your data will be secured and we are certified with the above-mentioned compliances, rules & regulations. We understand the value of data, that is why we keep data encrypted. Apart from that, the above-mentioned benefits are also there.


Maintaining compliance is important for business. It can help in making a brand reputation with your potential client and also saves you from audit penalties. As a cloud-based asset management software provider, we ensure data is secured and follow all essential data security compliances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the importance of data security for a cloud-based asset management software service provider?

Importance of data security for a cloud-based asset management software service provider:

1.      Compliance management

2.      Cyber threats

3.      Protecting data

What are the various types of cloud environments?

Private cloud, public cloud, & hybrid cloud are the various types of cloud environment.

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