How Cloud-Based Asset Management Is Beneficial for Business?

cloud-based asset management software

Today's businesses are more progressive than the earlier ones. The brands are easily distinguishable from their process and methods of working. The companies have moved on from paperwork to e-mails, mobile phones, and tablets. From traditional cash registers to machines that manage cash flow, conduct transactions and send e-mail receipts.  

When the concern is asset and inventory tracking it becomes important to resolute a strategy. Cloud-Based Asset management is a critical aspect of a business as deployment and growth surrounding it is an important piece of the business plan.

What is a cloud-based asset management software?

Cloud-Based asset management and tracking solution is a software which uses encryption to store, process and access data online.  

Cloud-based solutions are more up-to-date and flexible, keeping the data online makes it easier for users to see updates immediately instead of manual update across various devices.  

Why cloud-based asset management software?

The solutions on the cloud can integrate well with other applications with respect to any feature and prospect of a new update. Cloud computing has changed everything.  

The cloud is a very flexible and efficient solution for your business, software, platform, and infrastructural needs.  

It does not count you wait for a long time of approvals and deployment processes from central IT and procurement to access the solutions.  

It makes your decision making and quick and faster and better with its top line of solutions making it easy for use and fast to save money and time across the company.

Why cloud based asset management software Asset Infinity

How valuable is cloud-based software?

The cloud-based asset management software provides flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving benefits delivering visibility and control of all the assets and infrastructure.  

The cloud-based software creates a cloud inventory for your business to keep an effective track of your cloud estate along with the maintenance of its smooth run.  

Use of cloud inventory and asset tracking is a long-term strategy in terms of scalability, reliability, and simplicity.  

A cloud-based solution is a relief when it comes to upgrading, the cost of the service is much less, with some providers and even free to start. These solutions are subscription-based not an upfront scale.  

The installation of cloud-based asset management software is very simple and hassle-free as it can be installed and accessible on any device with an internet connection. Moreover, mobile devices can access the system with their functionality available on their app.  

Cloud-based software allows multiple users to access and interact with the system database without any conflict and errors.

NOTE: Prediction is that by 2020, 83% of the enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Asset Management:

Cloud asset management provides the ability to make a better decision that is supported by valuable data.  

With respect to long term integration of your cloud infrastructure that is visibility, accuracy, and reliability it is a strong cloud framework with a minimum of risks.

Following are the prime benefits of cloud-based asset management:

Benefits of Cloud Based Asset Management Asset Infinity

Inventory Accuracy -

The in-depth inventory information makes educated decision to encourage the business to make most of the extra targets by minimizing risks so that wastage of valuable finances can be reduced.  

Automation -

Automation reduces the time-consuming process of search through large data. It removes human error from cloud-based asset management and boosts its accuracy.  

Security Assurance -

Security assurance enables you to keep track of critical security measures with respect to actionable working about their risks and threats to the cloud infrastructure.  

Meaningful Visibility -

The cloud allows to gain greater visibility can gather in-depth inventory information that helps manage your assets in the most effective manner. Greater visibility of inventory helps to target where the improvement is needed.  

Installation and configuration -

The cloud-based asset management software is installed and run remotely, here you need not to actually install anything on local machines. It is accessible on any device with an internet connection moreover, multiple users can access the system and database without conflicts and errors.  

Controllable -  

The cloud system offers you with the support to help you customize your software as it is extensible, and you can use it to run a related software locally with the interaction of assets and inventory database.  

Easy Upgrades -

The cloud solution includes software upgrades as the cost of their service. As continuous updates happen without a hitch you can focus on work without worrying about the updates of software and database on every computer.  

Data Security as a Service -

Security is included as part of the cloud service. The dedicated servers and database systems eliminate vulnerabilities by providing you the security of your data from a specialized and dedicated team of security.

Cloud-based Asset Tracking Software:

We, Asset Infinity provides asset management and tracking software for easy management of the assets and inventories associated with your business.

Our asset management and tracking software is a Saas based cloud solution.  

With our enterprise-grade asset management software platform, you'll get regular software updates on a regular basis, so that you don't have to worry about the industry standards and security of your assets information.  

Also, online support and detailed knowledge base alongside to make it easy for you to move along with the process of our software.  

With our pre-built reports, you can now monitor the status, condition, and location of your assets that are a one-view solution so you can stay on top.  

Your management of assets is made easy here, by tracking returnable dates for leased or rented assets or for assets that are assigned to someone else.


Cloud-based asset management software solutions are the latest and trendy solutions for business nowadays. It gained popularity for its availability of computer system resources especially in data storage and computing power that also without direct active management by the user.  

Cloud computing got popularized with amazon.com through its Elastic Compute Cloud product that was announced on August 25, 2006.

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