Helpdesk Ticketing Software: Features and Benefits Described

Helpdesk Ticketing Software

Organizations have lots of equipment and problems but when there is no systematic approach to resolve those issues, organizations can suffer from huge losses.

In big or medium-sized organizations that is why an automated helpdesk system is essential so that whenever employees face any issue, they can raise a ticket and technicians will help as quickly as possible so that problem can be resolved quickly, and impact can be minimized.

However, so what you should be looking for in a helpdesk ticketing system as we know that choosing the right software can be complicated! What are the benefits you will achieve that we will discuss in this blog! So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

The helpdesk ticketing software is a one-stop for organizations & their customers to get their problems resolved. The helpdesk team addresses clients' issues so that they can keep their customers happy.

Helpdesk ticketing software allows ticketing managers & top management to keep track of each ticket. It automates the ticket management process which means that it automatically assigns tickets to technicians.

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Moreover, it also keeps track of which ticket is resolved & how much time is consumed in resolving that ticket.

As organizations want to improve the closing time of each ticket as they want to keep their customers happy, that is why lots of organizations are investing in this software.

According to Verified Market Research,  “Online Help Desk Software Market size was valued at USD 8.9 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 19.96 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.65% from 2021 to 2028.”

What Are the Primary Features of Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

Primary features of helpdesk ticketing software are discussed below:

Features of Helpdesk Ticketing Software

1. Historical Data

Each incident is a unique case that is helpful to technicians in order to resolve issues quickly or handy any issue more efficiently. Some incidents are quite common with the data assistance you can segregate them and mention them in the knowledge base.

It is extremely helpful for the existing clients as they do not have to wait for a technician to connect to resolve the incident. They can easily do it on their own by reading some documents.

Historical data assist in retrieving accurate information & helpful to the technician when they are stuck somewhere.

2. Alert & Notification

One of the primary features of helpdesk ticketing software is alert & notification. This feature is effective in several scenarios for instance, whenever any ticket is raised managers get notified and when the manager assigns this ticket to a technician then a technician is also notified.

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In case, when support technician does not take any action on a ticket then again system alerts the technician about the same.

3. Repair Expenses Recording

Some assets need maintenance especially heavy equipment & vehicles in that lots of other inventories are also required! From the company's point of view, it is important to keep track of inventory used or expenses done.

It allows management to plan or give a budget to the maintenance department accordingly. These repairs and maintenance give an idea of how much budget you will need for a specific period of time to keep assets optimized and boost their performance as well.

4. Accurate Analytics

One of the best features of an automated ticketing system is accuracy. It decreases the chances of human error and increases accuracy, as most of the information is filled automatically or by the end-user.

The technician can route technical questions to the IT professional or an in-house expert for a precise reply.

What Are the Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

The advantages of helpdesk ticketing software are given below:

1. Ticket Tracking

From its initial state (raising a ticket) to its final state (closing a ticket), a ticket is being tracked. Management can know who is working on the ticket, the status of the ticket, and all the information is centralized.

It helps the team in solving tickets quickly with collaboration assistance.

2. Avoid Duplicate Ticket

Tickets come in abundance to the helpdesk and if the organization is not equipped with automated software, more than one employee work on the same ticket.

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As a result, time is wasted and productivity decreases. This problem is eliminated with automated software.

3. Empower with Self-Service

When you allow your user to fill in some information and create a ticket on their own it will simplify the work of the technician & IT Team.

The end-user can also fill in additional information so that while resolving tickets this information can be helpful to the IT team.

4. Generate Reports

Reports are helpful in gathering information about tickets such as how much time is taken in order to provide resolution to the issues.

How many tickets arrive last month what is the average time to resolve issues & which employee is taking how much time to resolve tickets! How average can be minimized to resolve issues to provide better customer service to your end-user.


When you work manually human error chances are increased. It leads to wrong information and decreases efficiency as well. When you implement helpdesk ticketing software it improves accuracy and eliminates human error as well.

You can keep track of each and every ticket and this software has several features that help in improving productivity for the organization. It also helps in improving the efficiency of technicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to choose the right helpdesk ticketing software?

We know that choosing software can be a daunting task. In order to choose the right software first of all it is important to understand what exactly are your requirements! Then you have to explore the features & benefits you can achieve with this software. Is the software coming into your budget!

2. How alert & notification is helpful to the helpdesk IT Team?

Alert & notification is helpful to the IT helpdesk team as they get alert whenever a new ticket is allotted to the team, or a specific user s notified. Similarly, whenever any update occurs in the ticket client also gets a mobile notification. The purpose is to keep clients informed and updated about the ticket.

3. Why is a ticketing management system significant?

A ticketing management system enables IT support for the clients & end-users. It makes you more organized and provides valuable information so that actions are taken to provide effective and efficient resolution. It helps the organization to manage, track and resolve issues at the earliest so that impact can be minimized.

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