Major Facility Maintenance Challenges Faced by Facility Managers

Facility Maintenance Challenges

Facility managers do not have a huge budget, they are given limited resources. In that budget, they must take care of assets and without delaying any production daily operations. In organizations, there are huge facilities that need to be maintained as there are lots of assets. However, due to insufficient resources assets are not maintained which leads to interrupted activities and when employees get a good environment then productivity also increases. In this blog, we will discover what are the main facility maintenance challenges that keep facility managers awake at night. So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is the Role of Maintenance in a Facility?

The role of maintenance in a facility is very crucial as there are lots of assets and pieces of equipment. If the equipment does not work efficiently then the productivity of employees suffers.

Maintenance is important for well-functioning production. It assists organizations with keeping up with their assets while controlling time and expenses to guarantee the greatest proficiency of the assembling system, the utilities, and related offices.

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It is an instrument that assists with getting a dependable and palatable nature of the creation, wellbeing for representatives, and assurance for the climate.

What Is Facility Management?

According to Verified Market Research,  “Facility Management Services Market size was valued at USD 1,209.7 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1,991.3 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.95% from 2020 to 2027.”

What Are the Main Challenges Maintenance Managers Face While Maintaining a Facility?

The main challenges maintenance managers faces while maintaining facility are discussed below:

Challenges Maintenance Managers Face While Maintaining Facility

1. Budget Issue

One of the most common issues that all facility maintenance managers have is budget problems. As with every requirement of the maintenance department, the employee has a cost connected with the requirement.

This can be related to repair expenses, inventory spare parts, or adding some new gadget in assets to increase security & productivity.

Management of the organization needs to track cost consumptions, including detailed investigation of historical data, to take into consideration. In order to increase or and decrease functional expenses.

Maintenance issues mainly occur due to lack of funds or organizations do not have a budget & that is why investing in automated software is important. It can help save the organization a lot of expenses.

2. Keeping Asset Maintained

Keeping assets optimized leads to several positive factors such as decreased maintenance expenses, increased asset life and productivity of asset & worker also improves.

When assets are taken care of properly then results are opposite such as maintenance expenses increase, asset life decreases. Productivity suffers from employees and assets as well.

That is why it is important to take care of assets. However, keeping assets maintained is one of the biggest challenges that maintenance managers face!

3. Time Planning

A manager has lots of activities that need to be done. Similarly, the maintenance manager has lots of activities scheduled for each day such as checking e-mails, planning maintenance activities deciding priorities, daily meeting with team & top management & coordinating with suppliers for inventory requirements & planning.

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Some of the activities are left due to lack of coordination or the manager does not have time. However, managers can set alerts & reminders in their calendar for optimizing routine.

Time planning is also important for asset management, that is why facility managers should be skilled & knowledgeable of assets.

4. No Proper Tracking

When there is no proper tracking of assets then assets theft chances are increased. Another case is that assets are somewhere else to utilize, or it is nowhere to be found as a result of daily operation suffers.

It not only interrupts the daily operation but also leads to unnecessary expenses for organizations. When you do not track assets or keep manual records then chances of error are increased.

As a result, assets do not get maintenance on time or too late. That is why it is important to keep track of assets with precision.

What Is the Solution to All Those Challenges?

Facility maintenance challenges are huge and in order to provide the best solution is that the organization needs to invest in asset management software. It eliminates lots of issues that maintenance managers face.

When you start utilizing this software you will find that maintenance expenses are decreased a lot of money is saved. It will keep assets maintained & also help in increasing asset performance by scheduling maintenance as per requirement.

Once maintenance is planned and scheduled then you will notice its benefits. This software provides alerts & notifications to managers so that no maintenance is skipped.

It also allows you to create a work order for maintenance & create a checklist for maintenance activities that need to be done. It simplifies the work of the maintenance team and saves their time & helps in maximizing productivity.


There is no doubt that the maintenance manager has lots of assets and equipment to keep track of, especially if the facility is huge. There are elevators, lights, laptops, HVAC, and so on. That is why it is important to invest in automated software such as asset management software.

This software comes with cloud technology and mobile applications. It means that you can access it from anywhere anytime. It provides several other benefits as well.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the priority of facility management for an organization?

In order to run the business efficiently, the facility must be maintained and that is why maintenance should be the top priority for an organization. Fulfilling all the requirements of the maintenance manager is also important if that is done, a lot of business improvement will be seen.

2. What are the benefits of asset management software?

The benefits of asset management software are discussed below:
1. Asset security & eliminating ghost assets.
2. Get detailed reports.
3. Alert & notifications.
4. Inventory tracking.
5. Asset tracking.
6. Asset auditing.
7. Regulatory compliance.

3. How is asset tracking done?

For asset tracking, asset tags & labels are used These tags provide asset location that helps in keeping assets maintained. Furthermore, you can get other information as well. In asset labels, the asset tracking technique is used. In the market there are several types of asset tracking techniques are available which organization uses as per the budget & requirement. Some techniques are Barcode, QR Code, RFID, GPS, BLE, NFC, IoT, etc.

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