What is the Difference between EAM and CMMS?

Difference between EAM and CMMS

In today's world software system vendors are everywhere. Everyone will tell you that they are the best in the market & they will offer you the best solution.

Specifically, when it's about asset maintenance and asset management. EAM and CMMS are two-term you will hear a lot. But there is a difference between EAM Software and CMMS Software and it's important to understand. As we mentioned in our previous. So, let's drill the topic!

In order to understand what is the difference between them? It is important to go through the basics first.

What is EAM?

EAM stands for Enterprise Asset Management. It is a procedure for managing the lifecycle of an asset in order to increase its life. From its first stage till its last stage (decommission). EAM minimizes costs, enhances quality and productivity.

Enterprise asset management is executed to monitor the company's assets, optimize, and track maintenance activities. It will provide you answers to all assets-related questions, such as what's the location? Who is using it? When it needs service/maintenance etc. EAM system came late than the CMMS system.

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What is CMMS?

CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System

The full form of CMMS is the Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS Software assists in scheduling jobs of maintenance of assets. CMMS Software is a tool for managing maintenance operations in any organization. It makes a worker's job easy & more effective.

It also keeps all records of an asset. From the point of view of maintenance professionals CMMS is the best software for them. Not just that, with CMMS Software you can create maintenance work orders and track them too. Some of the best features of CMMS Software are preventive maintenance, asset management, and inventory management.

What is the main objective of CMMS?

The primary objective of a CMMS is to monitor the equipment's condition. It assists in gathering precise and accurate information for decision making specifically in maintenance activities. It emphasizes preventive maintenance rather than other maintenance.

CMMS can also play an important role in inventory management and asset management. CMMS provides great help in increasing productivity and saving money.

What is the main objective of EAM?

The main objective of EAM is to optimize the asset quality and utilization of assets while reducing costs. It helps in achieving more flexibility in terms of operating & maintaining assets at low expenses. Full and effective utilization of assets. It keeps track the asset from its procurement. It also helps in finding non-performing assets.

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What are the similarities between EAM and CMMS?

As we have written above there are a few similarities between CMMS and EAM. What are those similarities? Here we go!

CMMS & EAM both are an umbrella term for the maintenance management of assets and equipment.

Enterprise asset management systems let the user schedule preventive maintenance for the assets just like the computerized maintenance management system.

Their additional & important features are inventory management and asset tracking.

CMMS and EAM are both offer cloud-based subscriptions.


The main difference between EAM and CMMS is that EAM incorporates multiple business functions. On the other hand, CMMS is more focused on maintenance.

CMMS starts tracking after an asset purchased & installed however EAM tracks the whole asset life cycle right from the procurement stage.

CMMS are designed to manage a single location, or offer limited multi-site support, while EAM systems come with extensive features for managing multiple sites and businesses.

In terms of Asset Management, EAM is more focused and has more functionalities. CMMS has fewer functionalities compared to EAM.

The contrast between them is something other than a couple of additional highlights. They are two distinct types of software that show two separate ways to deal with asset management.

Which one is right for my business?

If your organization has multiple locations and equipped with several assets, then Enterprise Asset Management is the best choice. EAM offers wider integrating options than CMMS.

EAM software is one of the tools in the market that combines powerful upkeep and asset management abilities with cutting edge highlights for life cycle cost tracking and analysis.

For Small business, the computerized maintenance management system is more than fit for taking care of the upkeep management requirements, and even the MRO (Maintenance, Repairing, Operation). Therefore, CMMS can be the best option if a business is a small scale.

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The motive of implementing this software in an organization is to save time and money by increasing efficiency and managing company assets. At the end of the day, you would only want software that completely fits within your organization. It does not matter if its enterprise asset management or computerized maintenance management system.

Only figuring out this software is not enough you have to know the answer for these below questions mentioned!

  • What assets do we have to monitor?

  • What features do we actually require?

  • Would we be able to customize the software as per our requirements?

  • Could the system adjust to our needs if we develop?

  • Do we have the opportunity/spending plan to actualize?

  • What issues attempting to settle?

When you understand the exact requirement of your company then only you will be able to find the right software for the organization.

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