What Are the Benefits of Tracking Assets Through GPS Devices?

benefits of tracking assets by gps devices

GPS Asset Tracker  

There are several types of asset tracking technologies available such as barcode, QR code RFID GPS NFC IoT BLE. in this blog we will know about GPS devices and Asset tracking. GPS asset tracking can be used for which organization and why it is considered one of the best options for outdoor asset tracking. So, without wasting any time let us begin!  

What is a GPS asset tracker?  

GPS asset tracker is helpful to increase the safety of an asset such as a vehicle that is out for delivery carrying costly inventory. It gives continuous checking, and real-time monitoring and can convey moment alerts in dire cases. GPS Asset tracker is intended for safeguarding your resources such as pieces of equipment and assets. An asset tracking system with real-time monitoring features consists of several main components such as asset tags, GPS asset tracker & asset tracking system.  


What are the benefits of GPS asset tracking?  

The benefits of GPS asset tracking are discussed below:  

1. Saving fuel cost

With GPS asset tracking you can know the complete route vehicle is taking. Yes, you can see if a vote is clear or traffic. accordingly, make changes in the route if the route is full of traffic. As a result, fuel is consumed less, and money is saved. Lots of times it has been seen that employees use an organization’s vehicle for their personal use as a result fuel expenses increases but with GPS you can decrease unauthorized vehicle utilization. GPS asset tracker enables you to take shortcuts so that the vehicle can reach its destination and save time.  

2. Real-time information

GPS provides real-time information that lets you know the accurate location of your asset and you know exactly where the asset is located. When you have access to real-time information it helps you make an informed business decision rather than reaching decisions based on assumptions. If someone tries to steal your vehicle in real time you can easily identify it as we all know GPS provides real-time location so if an asset is operating outside the designated location, you can easily identify and recover the asset. GPS asset tracker is helpful in recovering stolen assets and keeps them secure as well.  

3. Better safety

Safety is important for drivers, vehicles, and products. In order to do this, drivers should follow all rules and regulations and the organization has to ensure that the vehicle is maintained. Nobody would want that during delivering product driver calls and tell and vehicle breakdown has occurred. During this, no delivery will be delayed, and other organizations will be disappointed there are chances of product theft. That is why negligence should be avoided and maintenance must be done on time. GPS asset tracker & asset management software can be helpful in scheduling asset maintenance and once it is set it will automatically fetch the next date and will give you an alert notification for upcoming asset maintenance.  

Why is GPS the best option for outdoor asset tracking?

GPS is the best option for how to accept tracking because information about your vehicle is on the road. You can take decisions based on real-time information. For instance, if you are getting traffic on route then you can change your route to the other direction so that delivery can take place on time.  

How is asset theft dangerous for business and how does GPS help?

According to Construction Business Owner, “Construction equipment theft is a costly and disruptive issue resulting in $300 million to $1 billion in losses each year. Owners risk the loss of highly expensive construction equipment and the cost of business downtime.”  

It shows how valuable assets are lost by asset theft and it is important to take care of assets. In this process GPS asset tracker can be helpful, it provides real-time information and alerts when assets leave the premises or outside the premises. It is also helpful in recovering lost assets, it saves unnecessary expenses and saves time as you don’t have to find the asset where it is located.


There is no doubt that a GPS asset tracker can be extremely helpful with a real-time asset tracking system you can get data analytics that helps in making strategic informed decisions. It also assists in setting future goals. GPS asset tracking systems can be very useful in saving maintenance expenses and increasing asset life. As it will optimize asset performance and return on investment will be enhanced. Furthermore, the total cost of ownership be optimized as well along with that key performance indicators will be checked so that asset failure can be reduced, and asset productivity can be maximized. Therefore, investing in GPS-enabled asset management software can be extremely useful to asset-intensive organizations. Investing in this software will help your organization is asset optimization and you will get several other advantages.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between indoor asset tracking and outdoor asset tracking?  

Indoor asset tracking is done for those assets which are used inside the premises of the organization or those industry organizations which cover a lot of areas such as airports, construction sites, manufacturing units, etc. whereas outdoor asset tracking is done on those assets which are outside the premises of the organization, such as vehicles delivering products or inventory.  

Which industry utilizes GPS asset tracking most?  

Airport operations and airport shuttle, law enforcement, food truck, and manufacturing industries are a few of the industries that utilize GPS asset tracking the most. All these industries heavily rely on and frequently utilize GPS asset tracking.  

For which organizations GPS can be useful?  

GPS can be useful to all organizations that send their assets and equipment outside the premises of the organization, especially businesses related to retail, manufacturing, warehouse, construction, hospitals, etc.  

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