What Are the Benefits of Using OEE Software for Manufacturing Companies?

OEE Software for Manufacturing Companies

Every business wants to improve their productivity level so that the outcome also increases & when the outcome increases bottom line will increase as well. To do so first step we need to do is improve machine efficiency. But how machine efficiency can be increased?

This is where OEE comes in! OEE help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the equipment. Other than this OEE brings a plethora of advantages to the manufacturing company! We will know what are those advantages but first, let us go through what exactly is OEE software is!

What Is OEE Software?

OEE stands for Overall equipment efficiency and it helps in the fundamental measurement of productivity for the manufacturing industry. At the point when estimated reliably and effectively it can support profitability and enhance the quality to speed up in general activities and as a result, improved bottom-line.

OEE assists the organization in tracking and analyzing data. However, in spite of its surprising potential! OEE is not popular & it is not much utilized.

OEE gives you an idea about how your daily operations and activities are running compared to the perfect daily operation. But now several organizations are implementing OEE so that they can analyze how their facilities are doing and get into details.

In simple words, it enables managers and management to understand the actual performance level of equipment with the potential performance level of equipment.

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What Are the Advantages of OEE Software?

The advantages of OEE Software are discussed below:

Advantages of OEE Software

1. Eliminate Manual Work

Keeping track of OEE is a very complicated task. Lots of metrics are run simultaneously and compared. In this process, one small error will jeopardize the whole work. Human error can be lethal!

According to the data obtained from the UK's ICO (Information Commissioner's Office), it is found that human error is the main cause for data breaching  “between 1st January and 20th June 2019, 60% were the result of human error”.

With OEE in place, the process will be automated and automated work reduces the chances of error and increases the speed of the process. When human errors are reduced the security will be optimized. Since OEE is cloud-based, manufacturing organizations do not have to worry about data security as cloud base service providers take care of it.

2. Improving Return on Investment

Hardware and assets address a huge amount of investment made by organizations so that they can accomplish most profit from the investment. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) will initially assist manufacturing organization management with recognizing the best zone to invest wealth in.

Furthermore, OEE will help the office analyze performance before and after a new piece of equipment was added, plus OEE will ensure that the new machine is used to its maximum capacity. Administrators can demonstrate the measure of monetary estimation of these speculations, led through quantifiable information given by OEE.

In simple words, OEE guarantees that the machine is utilized to its full potential so that maximum output is generated and return on investment can be maximized.

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3. Boosting Equipment Efficiency

For increasing efficiency first thing manufacturing organizations need to do is decrease downtime. For decreasing downtime, all equipment needs to be inspected and issues need to be addressed properly and promptly. When pieces of equipment are given maintenance on time it will lead to equipment run proficiently and continuously for several hours. At last, downtime will be decreased.

This can help in optimizing the performance of each piece of equipment and when the performance of the equipment will be optimized efficiency will increase and that will impact the bottom line positively.

Rather than purchasing another machine, you can pull up the data from the software and settle on a determined choice either to sell or invest some amount so that outcome can be optimized.

4. Get Real-Time Information

When production is a critical part of your business then you must have real-time information. Information is very crucial in the manufacturing sector.

For instance, in your operations how much you are expecting to produce and how much you produced. How much time you expect to deliver the product to your customers and how much time you are taking. These types of detail are very important which you can get with OEE software!

Similarly, you can try this in day-to-day operations. When you have these kinds of small details you will have a better understanding of the procedure and you can find a way how to save time so that operation can be optimized.

5. Maintenance Reports

Reports help measure productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency, how much improvement can be done! OEE report helps in providing accurate data of equipment downtime, equipment performance, equipment quality, etc. Key performance indicators (KPI) play a crucial role in understanding when maintenance shall be given to equipment.

The report is the key to improvement in equipment performance because when you know what is the issue you can resolve the issue effectively and in long term. Maintenance shall be given to equipment at regular intervals otherwise it will not get you the expected results.


OEE software is one of the best metrics providers for manufacturing. It can help in calculating the productivity of the manufacturing plant and compare it to the expected productivity.

It can play a crucial role in enhancing product quality or efficiency. When production quality will increases then profit margins will also increase and more revenue will be generated as well. This software offers an accurate baseline that helps in improving operations.

OEE software is an asset management software type that all manufacturing organizations can utilize in their business to improve the outcomes of the production. It can help by eliminating human errors and increasing the efficiency of machines and equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the major key metrics that are essential in overall equipment efficiency?

1. Production trend.
2. Equipment data history.
3. Equipment downtime.
4. Expected operation completing time.
5. Actual operation completing time.
These are some of the major key metrics that are essential in overall equipment efficiency.

2. Can OEE help in Total Productive Maintenance?

The main objective of OEE is the improvement of equipment continuously. For the total productive maintenance, tactic reduces breakdown chances, improves asset health, increases equipment life, continuous monitoring of maintenance, and comparing with expected performance. OEE helps in all these aspects for total productive maintenance.

3. How do you calculate OEE?

To calculate OEE, there are 3 major factors such as availability, performance, and quality.

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