What Are the Benefits of Mobile Asset Tracking in Businesses?

Benefits of Mobile Asset Tracking

There are several organizations that want to optimize their operation and increase their efficiency as well but do not know how to do that. The best way to achieve that is by implementing mobile asset tracking. It can play a crucial role in optimizing performance and give you the flexibility to schedule work through your mobile. In this blog, you will know what mobile asset tracking is & what are the benefits! So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is Mobile Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking which is done with mobile assistance is mobile asset tracking. Several types of software are developed specifically for mobiles because nowadays mobiles have all the features and asset tracking can be done easily & effectively.

Moreover, it gives you flexibility & makes changes when you are away from your office, and you are not bound to your workstation as well. Furthermore, you can add or modify work operations as per your need.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Asset Tracking?

The benefits of using mobile asset tracking are discussed below:

Benefits of Using Mobile Asset Tracking

1. Mobile Asset Register

An asset register is a register that provides all the information of assets that organizations possess. Through your mobile you can access all the information at your fingertips then you can use the information more productively.

By building a resource register, laborers can get and refresh information from any place whenever especially valuable for field workers.

2. Quickly Identify Ghost Assets

Ghost assets are these assets that are not physically available but are mentioned in the fixed asset register and account books.

In simple words, you are paying taxes for assets which are not you are not even using. But with mobile asset tracking, you can keep track of every asset as a result ghost assets are eliminated once and for all.

3. Accurate Location Anytime

With mobile asset tracking, you can check asset location from your mobile at any time of any asset. You do not have to run back to your workstation to know the exact location of the asset.

With a smartphone it is easy to keep track of assets, it saves time running back to the station. It makes you more efficient.

4. Scan Assets Easily

Mobiles also have the facility to scan barcode & QR Code (Quick Response code), RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tags, etc.

It decreases the purchasing expense of a scanner as mobile can work as a scanner. But among several asset tracking techniques, you must choose as per your asset tracking requirements.

5. Minimize Asset Loss Chances

Asset theft & misplacement can be lethal problems for businesses, it decreases efficiency, and production work suffers. According to the JW Surety Bonds,  “95% of all businesses suffer from theft in the workplace.” It is important to keep track of assets & mobile can be very effective as you can keep track of each asset.

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Whenever any asset goes outside the premises, the software sends alerts and notifications so that the asset is secured. You can also know the asset location of each asset, so it eliminates asset misplacement chances.

6. Asset Maintenance

In order to take care of assets, you need to provide maintenance on time to each asset. Maintenance is significant for all assets as it helps in maintenance bills minimized.

However, you need to ensure that assets get maintenance on time. You can easily schedule maintenance from your mobile. When you are inspecting assets, you can check assets and schedule maintenance on the go!

7. Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in & check-out is an essential tool for asset tracking. This feature lets you know which asset is assigned to whom.

You can keep track of every asset & also check its condition. Mobile gives you the flexibility to keep track of assets through check-in & check-out.

8. Maintenance Tracking

Maintaining your asset is significant for the proficiency of different processes. With mobile asset tracking software, you can set recurrent alarms for the standard upkeep of the hardware used in your business.

For instance, you can set cautions dependent on your insight about an asset's past use or condition. Mobile gives you the flexibility to schedule maintenance with mobile within a few steps.

Some resource following applications can even be incorporated with tagging programming to assist you with knowing the individual accountable for doing upkeep, expected finish date, etc.


There is no doubt that mobile asset tracking can improve productivity and efficiency. However, when you want to improve productivity with mobile asset tracking then asset management software is equally important. It can get you accurate data that will help you in making informed & strategic decisions.

Moreover, you can schedule maintenance easily & for each maintenance, you can create a work order. To deliver efficient work orders, a checklist is created for every work order. It makes the maintenance team more efficient and effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the main purpose of mobile asset tracking?

The main purpose of asset tracking is to keep assets located and keep assets secure. It is one of the main objectives of mobile asset tracking. It also gives you important data that assist the organization in making business decisions. Mobile gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and change the priority of work order as per requirement and you are not bound to your workstation.

2. How does mobile asset tracking technology work?

For mobile asset tracking an application is provided. This application is installed on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. In this application, you fill in all the required asset information such as unique identification number, location, asset type, etc. After that mobile device starts tracking assets and starts capturing crucial information that is helpful to businesses.

3. How are asset tags useful in mobile asset tracking?

Asset tags help in enhancing the efficiency of assets and you can get detailed information about assets. Each asset tag has a unique identification number that helps in retrieving information quickly about assets. You can scan multiple asset tags at once with mobile asset tracking.

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