Asset & Inventory Tracking App: One Solution for All Industries

Asset Inventory Tracking App

These days competition is so high everyone wants to utilize technology to its full potential which is why a mobile application for business is essential.

Every businessman knows that nowadays every adult owns a smartphone. That is why almost all businesses have their own mobile application. However, for asset management, organizations utilize traditional asset tracking methods. As a result, lots of errors occur in data and work delays occur because no proper planning is done.

But organizations can avoid it with SaaS-based asset management mobile applications.  Why are mobile applications crucial for business?

According to the Statista, “The number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide today surpasses six billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.”

Every organization has assets in abundance, but they do not have any Asset Inventory Tracking Application or asset management mobile application. What exactly is an asset management mobile application that we will know in this blog. So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is an Asset Management Mobile Application?

As the name suggests, the asset management mobile application helps in managing assets efficiently. Organizations can easily track and monitor every asset with an asset management mobile application from anywhere.

An asset management mobile application enables you to work from anywhere & you are not bound to your workstation so that you can inspect assets and schedule maintenance on the go.

With asset management, mobile application managers and technicians can schedule asset maintenance.

How Asset Inventory Tracking Application Is Helpful to All Industries?

Asset inventory tracking application enables industries to manage and track their assets from anywhere. Huge industries such as oil and gas, hospital, hospitality, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, construction, etc. have complex and huge assets.

These assets are essential for running the day-to-day operation. If any type of performance issue occurs in these assets, then daily operations suffer.

Maintenance managers must go to different locations to check the condition of assets but with a SaaS-based asset management application, scheduling of maintenance can be done on the go.

Sometimes data must be checked while inspecting assets, which you can easily do with your smartphone asset management application. It helps organizations in making strategic business decisions.

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What Are the Features You Should Be Looking for in an Asset Management Mobile Application?

Below we have discussed features you should be looking for in the asset management mobile application:

Asset Management Mobile Application Features

1. Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in & check-out is one of the effective features for keeping track of assets. If an employee requires specific assets on a specific date, then they can schedule it in this application, and return data also needs to be mentioned.

With this feature, the chances of asset misplacement decrease, and employees become more responsible. This feature also assists in checking the condition of each asset. Most importantly the asset return date can also be checked.

2. Asset Tracking Through Mobile

Managers can check asset status all the time with the asset management mobile application. With asset tracking, one can know who is using the asset, its current status, next maintenance due date, etc. Employees of the organization can perform asset tracking easily with a mobile application.

3. Scanning Assets with Mobile

With the Asset Infinity asset management mobile application, you can easily scan assets. Check this video to see how easy it is to scan assets with Asset Infinity’s mobile application.

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Our asset inventory tracking application is easy to use. Asset Infinity provides asset management software that helps in asset tracking, maintenance & management. Schedule a demo now.

4. Alert & Notifications

When maintenance is due this application sends alerts & notifications to maintenance managers & technicians. Similarly, it sends alerts when an asset leaves premises.

It becomes more effective with mobile phones as employees can check assets. Moreover, it makes employees more efficient.

5. Raise Ticket

With mobile raising, the ticket is simple, whenever employees face asset performance issues or sudden asset failure occurs. The ticket can be raised with high priority so that maintenance can be delivered quickly, and a solution provided so that productivity does not suffer.

6. Complete Asset Information

With the asset register, you have complete asset information of every asset organization owns on your smartphone. However, it is important that businesses place tags for each asset. Furthermore, asset data provides information related to the asset's locations, values, and anticipated life span.


Businesses must have an Asset Inventory Tracking App not just because of competition. But nowadays everyone uses their mobile for everything and everyone has a mobile so it can be used for business not just for entertainment.

Employees can improve their productivity as they do not have to go back to their workstation to update work as they can easily do it from anywhere with their smartphone.

Asset Inventory Tracking App or any asset management mobile application makes your employees more efficient and improves the daily operation of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 - Why Is Mobile Important for Businesses?

Beyond providing services and products to their client, businesses also make use of applications to increase ROI (Return on investment) in a variety of ways. From branding promotion, to find out more about your customer base There's virtually nothing but the value you can gain from these tools.

Q.2 - How Does SaaS Give an Extra Edge to Your Business?

SaaS applications require no execution, can be gotten to anyplace with a web program, and require no upkeep by the buying association.

SaaS-based stages incorporate information into one framework, permitting IT to oversee approaches, remediate infringement, envision all resources and clients, and review head action across all their applications from one spot.

Q.3 - What Are the Benefits of SaaS-Based Asset Management Applications?

Below we have discussed the benefits of SaaS-based asset management application:

Easy to Use - Easy interface and easy-to-use application. SaaS-based asset management applications are simple, all features are accessible, and it is not complicated at all.

Customization - As per your requirement, you can customize the software so that productivity can be optimized. You can fetch data from other software and utilize it with this software so that output and decision-making can be improved.

Cost-Effective - It saves expenses of purchasing software and heavy maintenance costs. Other than that, you only have to pay for assets that you are using.

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