7 Advantages of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Advantages of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

If you are into the business industry, then there are great chances that you might have heard the word CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) or some people also call it Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). If you have not? That's ok, you will know soon! Moreover, you will also know the advantages of CMMS Software. So let us begin!

What Is CMMS Software?

CMMS Software stands for computerized maintenance management system assists in scheduling jobs of maintenance of assets. It makes a worker's job easy & more effective. It also keeps all records of an asset. From the point of view of maintenance professionals, CMMS is the best software for them.

Not just that, with CMMS Software you can create work orders and track them too. You will also notice an improved daily operation. Lots of businesses are using CMMS software and they are getting good outcomes.

According to the Verified Market Research,  “CMMS Software Market was valued at USD 0.92 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1.77 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.58% from 2020 to 2027.”

What Are the Advantages of CMMS Software Utilization?

Advantages of CMMS Software utilization are discussed below:

Advantages of CMMS Software

1. Better resource allocation

The CMMS System enables organizations to make intelligent decisions about resource allocation.

In simple words, with CMMS System you will know in advance which branch of your office is short on inventory or which branch has more than its requirement, in that way your office branch will never have a shortage or exceed of resource allocation.

This will also help you in saving a lot of expenses.

2. Schedule maintenance activities

One of the most important benefits of CMMS is scheduling maintenance of your fixed assets. When you plan a maintenance activity it will lead your asset to persistence & better performance and the best part is you don't have a keep track of it.

CMMS Software will do it for you. It will also notify you of your upcoming maintenance activity. It is one of the major advantages of using CMMS software.

3. Manage inventory effectively

CMMS Software

One of the main activities of the team is to manage inventory in abundance because while performing maintenance if inventory is not available then it is not effective maintenance, the whole process will be repeated again.

The inventory includes extra parts of machines, nut-bolts, oil & grease supplies, etc.

CMMS Software informs how many inventories (in numbers) are left in stock, how many were utilized during servicing, and when new ones should be requested.

Overall it helps efficiently in managing stock & controlling inventory-related expenses.

4. Less paperwork & access easily

When a business year ends, we have seen that we look at every office file to find all the business-related papers such as receipts, dockets, etc. And we all would agree that is process is hectic as well as time-wasting.

This is where CMMS comes into play, it becomes a central database for all maintenance-related costs. With this software, you can simply find all the expenses-related documents & crucial papers within minutes.

5. Enhance productivity

CMMS gives full visibility and control of maintenance activities, so everybody can see how many tasks have been done and how many need to be performed. It identifies the task on a priority basis & organizes it in such order that no task is neglected.

One of the greatest advantages of the CMMS systems is improved work efficiency. The system can assist in planning tasks and record work so the team can finish their job at the earliest.

With proper tracking & planning, the output is increased, and stress is decreased by the maintenance team.

6. Tracking asset history

When an asset history record is kept, it is easy to find the solution with a tracking record. Did not get it? Let us explain to you with an example suppose you have an asset that is two decades old.

And we are assuming that you have CMMS System so now if this asset is not working as expected, you can see the record of this particular asset & you will know what the issues were. How it was resolved?

Tracking asset history comes really handy when assets are utilized for a long time. Furthermore, this data is helpful not only for this specific machine but also for other equipment as well.

Tracking asset history is a useful advantage of CMMS software. It plays a crucial role in making long-term goals and also in making informed decisions.

7. Identify non-productive assets

In a big company which has assets at multiple locations, where there are lots of machines & some of them are not working or rarely come into use.

So, these types of assets are just surrounding space & being a burden on the company. With CMMS you can identify these less useful assets and replace them with some other productive asset.


These are a few of the main advantages of CMMS software. These advantages can assist you in making your business more efficient.

A CMMS is a software tool that makes you more organized more efficiently & you don't have to rely on your memory or anybody. The maintenance management software assists managers to save extra time to concentrate on other things such as improving dependability and decreasing maintenance-related costs.

It makes management extra proficient and extra powerful. CMMS also results in saving the expenses of a company, which is the main objective.

Overall, CMMS enables the management team to make smart decision that drives efficiency & cost saving of assets.

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